Corbett National Park Fully Opened for Tourist, Drone Monitoring Started

Corbett National Park, Nainital

Date: 15-November-2017

The Corbett National Park, famous for being the tiger reserve forest, has been all opened today for the tourist visit after the monsoon break. The park was partially closed for the tourist visit during the monsoon season due to the bad weather condition and ruptured safari tracks. After the monsoon season this year, the infrastructure has also been improved using the latest technologies for the monitoring of tourists. It is also said that some of the rules have been changed for the tourist to increase the safety and security of the wildlife and the betterment of the tourism activities.

indian safariIn order to enhance the convenience for the visiting tourist, the entry gate from Kotdwar will also get functional in this season. Now, the tourists can enter through this gate too apart from the usual entry gates near Ramnagar. For the night stay at the forest houses, Corbett officials have decided to allow a maximum period of 3 days for the night accommodation inside the park so that the maximum of the tourists can get this opportunity.

The Corbett National Park is the prime wildlife destination in India and visited by the wildlife lovers from all over the world to get the majestic sight of the king of the Jungle, the Royal Bengal tiger. To improve the wildlife safety, the visiting tourists will be monitored by using the surveillance drone. In order to curb the complains received of tourists and guides breaking the rules of the tiger reserve and harassing the wild animals, the park authorities decided to use the drone to keep an eye on the tourists in the park.

It is the rule that safari jeeps have to maintain a fixed minimum distance from the wild animals, but drivers and guides are not adhering to that rule and take their vehicles very close to the animals for better sight and also stays one place for very long. As per the deputy director of Corbett Tiger Reserve Mr. Amit Verma, earlier the drones had been used for the security purpose only, but this time it will be used for monitoring the activities of the visiting tourists. If any tourist or guide or driver found breaking the rules or harassing the wild animals, the forest officials will take the action against the guilty.

On Wednesday, the most popular zjimcorbettnationalparkdronone of the Corbett Park, the Dhikala zone was opened for the tourists visit. The Dhikala zone is considered as the best zone for the tiger sighting and for offering the amazing opportunity to spend few nights in their forest guest house located deep in the forest. One should follow the guidelines of the reserve forest and enjoy the sight of the wild animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them by any means.

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Know All About the Legendary Jim Corbett on his Birth Anniversary

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then you must have visited the Jim Corbett National Park in India or at least you may have heard about this oldest tiger reserve of Asia. This is the first forest which is designated as the National Park and Tiger Reserve in India. This park is named after the legendary Jim Corbett, a hunter turned naturalist and conservationist. The life and work of this legendary man are all about nature and wildlife. His passion for animals had inspired him to work as a wildlife conservationist.

Jim Corbett Indian Writer

Jim Corbett was an army officer of the Colonel rank in the British-Indian Army and later he turned as a nature conservationist, wildlife lover, and a revered author. Due to his work as a nature activist, the oldest national park of India is named after him. However, this famous wildlife lover was not a nature conservationist earlier, but a very famous hunter in India and abroad. His 135th birth anniversary was on 25th July 2017 and we will know more about this legendary man on his birth anniversary.

The British-Indian Army officer, James Edward Corbett was an Indian, born in Nainital to Christopher William Corbett and Mary Jane. Since his childhood, he has a deep fascination for the forests and wildlife, and due to his interest in wildlife, he became a good tracker and hunter with time. Due to his amazing skill of tracking and hunting, he was often sought after by the then government of the united province to track and kill the tiger and leopard who becomes a man-eater. Even though he was the skilled hunter, he never killed any wild animal other than man-eaters.

After many years as a celebrated hunter, he then developed a hobby of wildlife photography, especially, recording films of tigers in their natural habitat. He also used to give lectures on the rich natural heritage of India and the importance of the conservation of forests and wildlife to the school students. He also penned his experience as a hunter and written many books on wildlife and hunting experiences. His most famous book was Man-Eaters of Kumaon that intensely portrayed his own hunting adventures. Many movies, TV episodes and documentaries have been made that are based on this critically acclaimed book.

Later in his life, Jim Corbett started a movement to conserve the wild animals and forests. He strongly supported the All-India Conference for the Preservation of Wildlife and promoted the foundation of the Association for the Preservation of Game in the United Provinces. He also used his influence over the provincial government and lead the path that cleared the establishment of the first national park in India, the Hailey National Park, named after the Lord Malcolm Hailey in 1930s. The name later changed to the Jim Corbett National Park after the independence of India in 1957 in the honor of the legendary Jim Corbett.

After the Independence of India, Jim Corbett and his sister left for Kenya in November 1947 after selling their home in Kumaon which later converted into the Jim Corbett Museum. This museum is the tourist attraction near the Jim Corbett National Park and attracts a large number of tourists every day. To honor this legendary hunter turned wildlife conservationist, one of the five remaining tiger subspecies was named as Panthera Tigris Corbetti.

Guess Who Got Caught Shooting in the Corbett National Park? It’s Sunny Leone!!

Corbett National Park, Nainital

News Update: 07-June-2017

The famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone recently spotted in the vicinity of Corbett National Park. She was in the oldest tiger reserve of India for the shooting of the new season of the famous young generation reality show MTV Splitsvilla. Sunny Leone, who has been hosting this popular reality show for the last three seasons, commenced the shooting of the 10th season of this show at the Corbett National Park which is situated in Uttarakhand.

MTV Splitsvilla is a couple’s reality TV show and it brings a new season every year with the promise of the new taste in the show. The theme of the show is a competition among young boys and girls to find the true love. However, it’s a different story that the most of the contestants who turn into couples on this show part their ways just within a few months after the show. Yet, this youth-based reality show maintained its popularity due to the bizarre drama and wacky twists happens constantly in the show.

Sunny Leone who has mentored the contestants with his co-host Rannvijay Singh for the last three years is back again with the 10th season of the show and the shooting has begun in the Jim Corbett National Park. She also shared a picture of herself with her new found friend in Corbett on the Instagram.


The Corbett National Park, which has been chosen as the shooting location of this show, is a beautiful landscape with an amazing tranquility in the atmosphere and is also far from the madding crowd. Sunny Leone thinks this tranquility will help the contestants find their true love. She also said, “It’s always fun to be a part of Splitsvilla, though shooting at Jim Corbett can be a task at times keeping in mind that one has to disconnect from the outside world. The place just doesn’t have network.”

Spine Tingling Moment for Safari Tourists when an Angry Elephant Chases Down Their Vehicle

Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Nainital

News Update: 28-May-2017

In a footage taken during the tourist safari in Corbett National Park, an angry elephant was seen charging at a tourist Jeep. The video was recorded by a tourist who happened to be on that Jeep which was on the tour inside the reserve park. However, they were fortunate that the driver managed to speed up the vehicle on time and got escaped from the frightening chase by this mighty wild elephant.

This incident took place when a group of tourists was enjoying their Jeep safari in the Dhikala zone of the Corbett National Park. A herd of elephants was crossing the safari track where this vehicle was present at that time. Seeing the herd of wild elephants at a distance, tourists started to capture this wildlife experience in their camera when one elephant among the herd charged at the tourist Jeep and came dangerously close to the Jeep making it a narrow escape for them.

However, the tourist escaped from the spot unhurt as the vehicle speed away from the angry chasing mighty Tusker. This spine-chilling moment came into the light when the captured video surfaced on the internet and went viral due to its thrilling effect. It is said that the video was recorded around 2-3 days ago in the Dhikala tourism zone of the most famous tiger reserve of the country, the Corbett National Park.

This is a common phenomenon for the tourist to share their recorded photos and videos with having such thrilling experience over the internet. Earlier too, such types of videos surfaced on the video sharing sites showing the tourist Jeeps being chased by the wild animals moving dangerously close to the vehicles as these thrilling videos got viral instantly.

The deputy director of Corbett National Park, Amit Verma said, Such incidents happen time to time, and we expect the tourists and the guides to not put themselves in situations of danger and stay away from wild animals if they are spotted on the pathways. The tourists and drivers are strictly told to maintain a safe distance from the wild animals during the safari in the Corbett tourism zones.

However, the drivers of the safari Jeeps and the guides are registered with the park administration and are trained on how to behave and drive safely in the park.


A Woman Crushed to Death by an Elephant in Sitabani Forest near Corbett National Park

Ramnagar, Nainital

News Update: 25-May-17

A woman was trampled to death by a wild elephant in the Sitabani zone of the Corbett Reserve Forest area. The woman was touring the Sitabani tourism zone with her brother-in-law when this incident happened. The forest officials sprung into action after getting the news. Following the incident, the forest department has closed the Sitabani tourism zone for the time being.


The resident of the Kashipur Housing Development Colony in Udhamsingh Nagar and the wife of Gurdev Singh, the deceased, Amrita Kaur (42 yrs.) had gone for the tour in the Sitabani tourism zone on the motorcycle with Indrajeet whom she treated as her brother-in-law. He also lives in the same colony.

Both were returning from the Sitabani Temple located in the Sitabani forest when a wild elephant suddenly came in front of their motorcycle. The motorcycle got unbalanced and they both fell down from the bike. Seeing the elephant, they tried to run away from the spot, but the elephant caught the lady with his trunk and dashed her on the ground and then smashed her with his legs.

The elephant went away in the forest when the woman’s brother-in-law and another biker who was passing by the area shouted to divert the elephant. The biker then reached the Bhandarpani forest office and informed the forest officials about the incident. The forest officials instantly reached the spot and took the woman to the nearby hospital, where she was declared dead by the doctors.

The senior forest officers Neha Verma, DFO along with Ranger Lalit Joshi, Pramod Pant and Virnedra Pandey visited the hospital when got the information. The woman’s husband also reached the hospital. According to the DFO, an investigation of the incident will be initiated soon. Also, Rs. 1 Lakh has been given as an instant relief to the family of the deceased.

Randip Hooda Backed The Protest against Proposed Road through Corbett National Park Gathered Momentum with Heavyweight Backing the Protest

Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

News Updated: 31-03-2017

It will encourage exploitation and poaching’, said the veteran Actor Randeep Hooda on the proposed road plan through the heart of the Corbett National Park. He slams the plan to build a highway through the ‘treasured asset’ Corbett National Park.

Actor Randeep Hooda is among the few celebrities who stand up for a social and political cause. Now, he is flexing his muscles for an online plea to protest against the proposed Kandi Highway, which will be built through the middle of the pristine Corbett reserve forest in Uttarakhand.

The online plea caught many eyes over the social media across the world and already garnered more than 5200 signatures. The plea is opposing the decision of Uttarakhand’s new BJP government headed by Trivendra Singh Rawat to build Kandi Highway through the Corbett tiger reserve, which is supposed to shorten the Kumaon and Garhwal distance by around 80 km.

Spread over an area of around 520 sq km, the Corbett National Park boast of being the natural habitat to more than 200 tigers along with other wildlife that includes leopards, elephants, chital, sloth bears, etc. The park is extremely prone to poaching incidents and the proposed road will only aggravate the problem.

Being a wildlife enthusiast, actor Randeep Hooda backed the protest and wrote in his plea that the proposed road is the worst things that can be done to the park. It will allow unmonitored access and encourage exploitation and poaching. Also, it will disturb the ecosystem all through the park. It should be avoided at all costs before we damage one of our most treasured assets.

The legendary BBC India journalist Mark Tully, former Chief of the BBC’s India Bureau, also put his weight behind the campaign and explained his reason for endorsement at saying, ‘Forests work for our good, conserving water, giving us clean air, and are home to the wild flora of irreplaceable medicinal importance. A tiny area of India is left with the forest of this quality. We should see it as a sacred duty to preserve it undisturbed. It is Bharat Mata. The road can easily go round it.’

An online plea on states ‘Stop construction of highway through Corbett Park, Uttarakhand. It will lead to environmental disaster’. The plea makes an appeal to the newly sworn-in CM not to go ahead with the project.

Shocking Video of an Earthmover Crushing a Tiger in Corbett, Leads to Death

In a shocking video that surfaced recently, a tiger in the forest near Corbett National Park has been seen getting crushed by a JCB earthmover in the presence of forest officials. The whole action was to capture the tiger who was accused of killing two people in the forest a few days ago. In the video, the tiger

According to the forest officials, the tiger had killed two people, a woman and her father-in-law, on Thursday in the forest adjacent to the Corbett tiger reserve. The wild animal was first tranquilized and then put in the cage after the eight-hour long capturing operation. However, the tiger succumbed to the injuries it got during the rescue operation.

In the video that came in the news on Sunday, the tiger is seen being cornered and pressed down by the earthmover rakes, and then forest officials run towards the animal with a net.

Though the wounded tiger has been taken to the nearby Nainital Zoo for the treatment, but it dies within a few hours the same evening.

As per the forest officials, the tiger also had a fight earlier with other tigers over the territorial dominance and killed two tigers in the area. The forest conservator said that when the mating season of tigers is approaching, even a slightest of human interference angers the tigers.

However, officials of Corbett said that the earth-mover was used only to scare the tiger, but the animal got injured when it attacked the earth-mover and broke the windscreen.

The animal lovers are questioning of using the earth-mover to capture a tiger. Wildlife lovers from all over the world reacting angrily after watching this video that showed a fumbled rescue attempt at the Jim Corbett National Park and an earthmover crushing and hurting a Royal Bengal tiger, India’s national animal and an endangered species, which resulted in the death of the tiger.

As per the news, the National Tiger Conservation Authority is preparing to send a team to find the reason why earth-mover was used to capture a tiger.

The Tiger that killed two People in Corbett Succumbed to Injuries

Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand
Updated: 17-03-2017

As per the officials of the Corbett National Park, the tiger that killed two people on Thursday in the forest near Ramnagar and captured after the long rescue operation died due to the Septicaemia and Asphyxiation. During the rescue operation yesterday, the 8-year old tiger had suffered injuries and finally succumbed the same night.

Yesterday, forest officials had somehow managed to capture the tiger in a cage with the help of the tranquilizers and a JCB machine after a long rescue operation which went on around 9 hours.

The tiger, known as T-28 by the officials, had killed a woman after dragging her in the forest when she had gone to pick some firewood in the forest near the Corbett National Park and her father-in-law also met with the same fate when he came to rescue her after hearing her scream.

And, after the incident, forest officials trapped and caught the tiger. But the tiger got some serious injuries during the capturing process and lost one of its canine teeth, which results in bleeding and that leads to septicemia and finally choked to death.

According to the divisional forest officer (Terai), Kahkashan Naseem, When the tiger jumped on the JCB machine, its canine teeth broke down which results in bleeding and lost a lot of blood. Along with this, T-28 also had some past injuries on its forelimbs and had maggots. The animal died due to septicaemia and chocking.

The tiger, T-28, must have had struggles with other tigers due to which its forelimbs were injured severely as the presence of the 5 tigers and one tigress within the range of 5 sq km area was reported earlier.

“T-28″ might have attacked the two victims after being enraged over their presence in the mating season of tigers. The area has a high density of big cats that resulted in tiger deaths in the past due to mating and territory related issues,” said the conservator, western division (Terai), Parag Madhukar Dhakate.

Two People got killed by a Tiger near Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand
Updated: 16-03-2017

According to the Corbett National Park officials, a woman and her father-in-law were killed by a tiger on Thursday morning in a forest adjacent to the Corbett National park. The team of forest guards first tranquilized that wild predator and searched for the bodies which were recovered from very deep inside the forest in the afternoon.

corbettnewsBoth the persons, a woman and her father-in-law, were living nearby the forest in Ramnagar. As per the officials, the woman, 30-year-old Bagwati, was attacked and dragged deep in the forest by the tiger when she had gone to pick the firewood in the forest near Choi. Bagwati’s father-in-law Lakhpat, whose hut is nearby the forest, rushed to rescue her after hearing her scream, but he also got attacked by the tiger.

corbettnews2After getting the news, the forest officials arrived at the scene of the incident and found their bodies lying on the river bank but couldn’t reach near as the big cat was roaming nearby the bodies. The tiger also made a violent gesture at the crowd that gathered around the place.

According to Kahkashan Naseem, a divisional forest officer of Corbett National Park, the bodies were recovered after tranquilizing the tiger. After tranquilizing, the 7-year old tiger was caged for the safety and would be sent to a nearby zoo in Nainital.

corbettnews1The enchanting deep forest and a large number of tigers in the Corbett National Park draw a massive number of tourists every year. The Corbett tiger reserve boasts of being the home to around 200 tigers, a high density of big cats in comparison to other tiger reserves in the country.

Due to being a very popular tourist spot, the population around the forest in the adjacent villages has increased to a large extent to cater the tourists which further increases the man-tiger conflict in the recent times. In the October of last year, a man-eater tigress was shot dead after a massive 40-day search and spending around Rs. 1 Crore.

corbettnews3Both, Bagwati and Lakhpat, were residents of Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh and arrived at Ramnagar around two months ago to work here. Residents of the nearby villages often visit the reserve forest for firewood and fodder and got attacked by the tiger.

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