Tourist Attractions in and Around the Corbett National Park

Although there is nothing could match the Jungle Safari in the Corbett Tiger Reserve and it is the prime attraction of tourists visiting the Corbett National Park, however, after the Jungle safari, there are many other attractions in and around the Corbett National Park which you should not miss. You can enhance your tour experience by visiting the following tourist attractions-

Suspension Bridge:
Around 150-years old suspension bridge, also known as the Jhula Pul, is one of the prime tourist attractions near the Dhikuli village of Ramnagar. Located in the vicinity of the Corbett National Park, this bridge has been built over the Kosi River nearby the famous Garjiya Temple. It is adventurous to hang around on this hanging iron bridge and let your eyes feast on the serene, picturesque and mesmerizing views around. The birds chirping and the gushing sound of water in Kosi River are making a divine ambiance here. And, having some adventurous fun in such an enchanting place will really be an awesome experience. Yes, here you can take part in adventurous activities like river crossing and rappelling. The frog-shaped rock in the river below is a good attraction. If you are in Dhikuli, don’t miss to be on this old bridge.

Note: The Bridge is very old approx 150 yrs old and also broken in a few places, so stride carefully.

Kosi River: A river in the mountain region doesn’t need any description of how beautiful it will be. So, the same goes with the Kosi River, a shallow small river with crystal clear gushing water, clean rocky waterbed and dense green surroundings. Spending some of your time at the riverbed sitting on the rocks dipping your legs in the cold transparent water and observing the breathtaking view of the lush nature will fill you with astounding liveliness and calmness together. There are many resorts have been situated on the one bank while the periphery of the Jungle starts from the other bank. It is a nice place to chill out with your family. Also, few of the resorts offer the facility of having the breakfast or dinner along the riverbed.

Elephant Safari: There is an elephant safari point from where you can take the ride on the elephant and tour the forest reserve area. You can have the amazing experience of crossing the Kosi River, sitting on the back of the elephant to reach the Garjiya Devi temple.

Garjiya Devi Temple: The Garjiya Devi Temple, which is situated on the giant rock amidst the Kosi River, is the most famous shrine of Devi Shakti with the name of Garjiya Devi deity. The temple is one of the most famous temples in Nainital district attracting the thousands of devotees during the festivities of Kartik Poornima. Tourists visiting the Corbett National Park used to visit this temple as it is located in the vicinity of the forest. Apart from the monsoon season when the water level in Kosi River is at an all-time high, tourists can visit this temple all round the year and take the blessing the Devi Maa.

Seeta Bani Temple: The Seeta Bani Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. According to the one legend, it is here she entered into the lap of Mother Earth and another legend says she raised both her son Luv and Kush at this place. However, a festival is held here during the Ramanavami every year. This ancient temple is located in the Seeta Bani forest and a protected monument under the ASI. This place is having a peaceful and divine ambiance around with the surroundings of the wild forest. This is the last place can be visited outside the tiger reserve as a landscape safari. A water stream flowing nearby enhances the natural beauty and serenity of this place.

Ancient Shiva Temple: This amazing ancient temple is located on the lower side of the hill around 400 meters inside the Corbett national park from the road dividing the Bijrani zone of the park and the Dhikuli village. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple has been taken by the ASI as a protected monument. However, due to some reconstruction work in the temple, it has lost its ancient look, but, now the Archaeological department is restoring this temple along with the other ancient ruins beside the temple, which are said to belong to the 9th to 13th century AD. According to the ASI, the remains of an ancient capital of the old kingdom of Govisana named Vairatpattana are scattered deep in the thick reserve forest of Corbett, which are not easily accessible now. The stone temple has its own ancient charm amidst the thick forest away from the village.

Corbett Water Falls: Located around the 25 km from the Ramnagar city, the Corbett Waterfall is an astounding place amidst the unscathed green foliage. If you are in Corbett area, then you should visit here to take a dip in the fresh water to revitalize your senses.

Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure: The Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure park is located in the Dhikuli area on the highway to Ranikhet near the Corbett National Park. This adventure park has everything that will give you an adrenaline rush, no matter which age group you belong to. A variety of adventurous activities categorically for child and adults are available here to keep individual or groups hang on. With having the high-end equipment and gadgets to ensure complete safety, the adventure activities are conducted and monitored by the trained professionals so that enthusiasts embark on their adventure activity trips without any hassle and fear. The activities offered by this park consist of Wall Climbing, Wall Rappelling, Zip Line, Commando & Tyre Net, Water Roller, Pressure Rocket, Lawn Zorb, Pressure Rocket, Water Zorb, Burma Bridge, PLand, Zig-Zag Bridge, boating for kids and many others. You can give your fear a break here by confronting the daring challenges.

Go Wild Adventure Camp: This adventure camp is situated in Teda in the Ramnagar around 4 km from the Ramnagar Bus stand and 5 km from the Ramnagar Railway station near the Seetabani forest. With having many adventure activities to get you hooked, you can enjoy spending time here. There are many adventure sports available here such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, military training, river crossing and many others.

Corbett Museum: The Corbett Museum was once the home to the legendary hunter Jim Corbett, who later became the world renowned conservationist and played a key role in the establishment of Corbett National Park. It is located at Kaladungi, which is around 32 km from the Ramnagar city. It is a heritage bungalow turned into a museum showcasing the memorabilia of the legendary hunter which includes personal belongings, letters, achievements, antiques and rare photographs.

Dhangarhi Museum: Located near the Dhangarhi gate of Corbett National Park, the Dhangarhi Museum is situated to provide the knowledge about the vast landscape and various wildlife species of the Corbett Park. The museum also spreads the awareness about the need for wildlife conservation and their impact on the ecology of the area. There are souvenir shops within the museum premises from where you can buy the wildlife books and journals, colorful handicrafts, wood crafts, caps, hats and many other wildlife souvenirs.

Visit To Garjiya Devi Temple, Uttarakhand

You may probably know Jim Corbett National Park for exclusive sights of endangered tigers which roam around the park as well as nearby areas. These majestic tigers are sure a centre of attraction for Corbett national park. The majority of visitors to this park come here to witness these tigers and undoubtedly the scene and moment when you watch them from your naked eyes is truly special and worth capturing. But, as far as the beauty and amazing sights of Jim Corbett are concerned, there are much more than just to sight tigers. Exclusive landscape, beautiful flora and fauna, unique environment and phenomenal safaris are other factors that add fun to the tour to Jim Corbett. The list of attractions of this place includes one more special attraction that you should not miss which is Garjiya Devi Temple.

garjia temple jim corbett
garjia temple jim corbett

Garjiya Devi Temple may somehow be not so famous among all the visitors of Jim Corbett, but if you want to experience something different that connects you to the beliefs of the locals of that area, then you must pay a visit to Garjiya Devi temple which is located very near to this park. The visit to this strange yet tribal temple will help you experience many factors about the people and society around Jim Corbett and hence, it would be a wonderful visit for all who want to go into the depth of this park.

Diving into this excursion, you will come to know various superstitions and beliefs that people rely on. So, if you decide to walk around Garjiya Devi temple and then ask for the route from your guide or the locals or the workers from the hotel or resort you are staying in. It would be around few kms away from the place you stay in. To reach out there, you can hire a vehicle. This temple is located inside the jungle and to reach there, you need to follow a trail which goes upward.

Garjiya Devi temple is an ancient temple in the jungle. The location is the biggest surprise for the visitors that make it incredible ancient temple in that location. Though it is a purely old temple, yet due to some reconstruction work, you won’t find similar ancient look as it had earlier.

Basically, it is a temple of God Shiva.  You will see a Shivalinga present in the Garjiya Devi temple. Along with Shivalinga, there are also few other statues of Hindu Deities. It is said that this temple is located in this jungle for years and as of now, it is under the archaeological department of the country. Now, this department looks after this temple and a renovation work is on to give an advanced structure to this place.

It is said that tigers of Jim Corbett national park keep on coming to this temple in time; however they don’t harm anyone as they do only if they find someone attacking them. So, the visit to the Garjiya Devi temple is no less than any adventure indeed.

INR 1 Cr Spent & 40 Days’ Effort – A Man-Eater Tigress Got Killed!

Nainital: After a long search of 40 days that has finally ended up on approximate expenditure for around INR 1 crore, the obscure man-eater tigress who had been moving in the region around Ramnagar was ultimately shot dead on Thursday Oct 20 2016 in Gorakhpur Village by a shooter from forest department.

As per the officials of forest department, the tigress was just six years old and she died immediately after got shot three times in her head, front paw and stomach by the shooter from the department. According to the news in the village, around 100s of villagers were arrived to the spot and went along the body of the man-eater tigress. They were stopped to go along by the officials of forest department.


The forests’ conservatorof western circle, Mr. Parag Madhukar Dhakate who was leading this tigress search operation revealed some details about the incident to TOI saying that with the use of camera traps, the man-eating tigress was located in the morning time near Gorakhpur. After spotting here there, the team along with a shooter approach her. The team was riding on three elephants. Along with the team, there had been hunting dogs, a group of 150 trained personnel including 5 trained shooters, above 100 camera traps, a helicopter and drones that were used to reach out and kill the tigress.

As the tigress was inclined to hide in the fields of sugarcane, she got another name “Sugarcane Tigress”.  This tigress badly injured 4 people and killed 2 by attacking them in September 2016. So, these incidents made villagers feel fully scared to go out of their residents during sunsets. Moreover, all students or young people were stopped to go to school just because of this man-eating tigress which is luckily now shot dead by the intense efforts of forest department.



Jim Corbett National Park: An Infrastructure Built By Nature

The perfect place that will surely attract the nature enthusiasts is the Corbett National Park, also regarded to be a perfect place for wildlife lovers. The park got its name after the famous hunter who turned into a conservationist, Jim Corbett and is a hub of excitement and thrill and is addressed as a wonderful place.

canter-safariThere is mostly dense deciduous forest that has haldu, sal, Rohini, ipal, and various another kind of trees covering an area close to 73 per cent of the entire park. This refreshing place is house to 50 species of mammals, 110 tree species, 25 reptile species and 580 bird species. The excellent way to see the park is by consideration of a Corbett Tour.

How to decide the best time for visiting Jim Corbett Park?

There are many exciting features of the park that come with never-ending beauties and to capture all, the following plot describes the best time to visit the park and the characteristics of its various zones-

From the month of October to February:

The weather during this period of time comes with a sight to behold and is enriched with lush green surroundings. Though the winter arrives from the month of November but the core area of the park is opened from 15th of the same month for the people and that’s the best time to enjoy the safari. On an average, the temperature during this period can seldom go to 5 degree Celsius. Make sure that you pack some woolen clothes, especially for the night.

From the month of April to June:

The average temperature during these months rests at 40-degree Celsius in daytime and thus marks the commencement of summer season. Normally, this temperature is quite hot but is considered as the perfect time to spot animals such as tigers in the park. It must be taken note of the fact that from 15th June onwards, the nucleus region of the park is closed due to the onset of rainy season.

From the month of July to September:

These months mark the commencement of monsoon season in the Corbett Park and are mostly adored by the nature lovers as according to them they get to enjoy the true greenery of nature at this time. Mostly the park remains opened but there are many parts that are closed from July 1st until 14th November. Being an off-season, these months attracts a lot of budget travelers as they can get affordable accommodations. Therefore, don’t just wait, commence gearing up.

Best time to visit the Zones-

Corbett emphasizes 5 separate zones and individually every zone has a varied topography with a distinctive visiting period.

  1. Jhirna Zone-
    Located approximately 16 Km from Ramnagar, this zone can be visited at any time of the year and is thus regarded to be the “round-the-year tourist area” of Jim Corbett National Park.
  2. Sonanadi Zone:
    The same goes for this zone also as it has enhanced dry topographical features and in real terms and comes in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located just on the edge of Corbett Park.
  3. Dhikala Zone:
    Now if you are planning to enjoy the core of the park, then don’t forget to include this zone which is only open from Mid-November to Mid-June of the year. Decorated with primitive natural beauty, the zone is recognized as the excellent tourist area and is closed during the rest year.
  4. Bijrani Zone
    This Zone can only be visited during 01st October to 30th June of the year.
  5. Durga Devi Zone
    This one is the distant tourist precinct of Corbett which is 25 Km from Ramnagar and remains open from 15th November to 15th June every year.

As per from the info disclosed above, it can be ruled out that the best time to visit the Corbett Tiger Reserve is during winters, i.e., from November to February. Moreover, that is the only time of the year when you can actually have an access to the entire park and one can simply spot animals, such as Tiger, enjoy a sun bath.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Jim Corbett National Park This Winter

The first national park of the Indian subcontinent, the Corbett reserve amidst the grassland, densely wooded hills abutting the Himalayas gives it its enchanting beauty and attracts tourists from all over. Reasons why you should visit this park are-

The Oldest National Park of Asia:
20150627_174704Perhaps, the oldest national parks of Asia, the Jim Corbett national park, is named after the famous British hunter turned conservationist, Edward James Corbett. It came into existence in the year 1936 and people from all around the world visit this park to enjoy the picturesque beauty which is unbelievable. The most popular reserve to spot the fierce and gigantic Bengal tiger, it was also the first tiger reserve, where the project tiger was undertaken.

Rich in Flora and Fauna:

Spread over an area of more than 521 square kms, it is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhnad. Rich in flora and fauna, it offers the outstanding view of the Himalayas amidst the dense deciduous forests. The park is divided into five zones namely the dhikala, the jhirna, the bijrani, the domunda and the sonanadi. Travelers can also seek accommodation inside the national reserve in the forest rest houses in any of the zones, but only with prior bookings. There are numerous hotels and resorts outside the periphery of the park, which provide accommodation and range from luxury to economy to suit the pocket of the tourists.

Extraordinary Variety Of Animals and Reptiles:
Spotting out an enormous range of animals and reptiles that takes in Indian Python, the park bustles and an amazing place for bird watchers and one can even involve themselves into several actions like fishing, angling and hiking.

Amazing Resorts and Hotels to Stay:
The Corbett National Park offers numerous staying options from luxury resorts to budget hotels and Forest rest houses to meet up the requirements of the tourists and make them have a comfortable stay. The Corbett hideaway, the river view resort, the infinity resort, the golden tears, the Corbett lilavillas is the well-appointed resorts. Ram Ganga resort, the Manu Maharani resort, the wild crest resort is the budget hotels. Last but not the least the forest rest houses give an experience of home away from home. Equipped with all the necessities, they are an ideal place to stay that are affordable and does not even pinch your pocket.
Nadiya17They should follow the instructions of the guides while they are in the national reserve. The travelers should carry a first aid box in case of minor accidents. The entry fee for the foreign nationals is different in comparison to the Indian nationals. Also, there is no ATM inside the park so all the arrangements should be made before going inside the park.

A visit to the Corbett national park is not only about the Bengal tigers, but there are many attractions around the reserve which should be added to the itineary to make the trip pleasurable and memorable.

Major Wildlife Travelling Measures For Adventurous Wildlife Tourists

Going on wildlife safari amidst dense and dark jungle of the Jim Corbett National Park is about enjoying the thrill of nature. To enhance your safari experience here is an advice on what safety measures is best suited for this Jungle. Please once go through our expert’s advice and you will be comfortable, cool and protected.

  • Light Clothing: While we go on open Jeep Safari tour both the wildlife and traveler see each other. It might be possible that bright colors do disturb animals and they get attracted towards our vehicle so avoid it. However, shorts are must but in morning and evening prefer Khaki Pants. It is always advisable to wear clothes of colors which merge with the natural surroundings. You may take hat and a thorn proof shoe is must.h_diaporama20


Plan in Advance: Generally we should plan our trip well in advance in order to avoid rush in last hours. Almost every national park has an ideal time to visit, get this information well when you are thinking for a wildlife holiday in India to get the best.

  • Take care of Your Health: When we move from one place to another, the variation and changes in the climate affect our body. To overcome such situation we must carry emergency medicines, stay hydrated, take yellow fever machine and apply sunscreen on the body before you go on for wildlife safari.
  • Carry Waterproof Binoculars: You may require binoculars to spot jungle’s exotic flora and fauna. It is always advisable to carry waterproof so that unpredictable rain does not spoil the Jungle safari.sitabani-zone


  • Cooperate With Local Guide: Do not ignore the presence of your local guide who accompanied you throughout the Jungle Safari. The guide alerts you about the smell, sound and spectacular sight of forest. His guidance will help you to get submerge in the rustic beauty of the nature.
  • Go Slow in Wild: Animals get irritated by human sound, go slow which includes driving slow and not making any noise at all.
  • Know Animal Behaviors And Habit: Before you take plunge for the wildlife safari, do bit homework. Learn bit about specific animals that you are going to see in the park. This helps in better understanding about the nature of the animals and you can enjoy viewing them thoroughly.
  • Opt Core Zone Safari: Jim Corbett National Park offers visitors Core Zone / Corbett Tiger Reserve Area Safari to have close encounter with wild animals. Corbett Tiger Safari will surely educate visitors about the richness of the Jungle.

While you plan exotic holiday in a National Parks follow these tips to do justice your wildlife visit.

Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett National Park

When we talk about wildlife trip in India, the very first name that strikes in our mind is Jim Corbett National Park. Corbett is one of the prides for the country. The park captures the attention of tourists because of its vast flora and fauna and its virgin wildness. Apart from being the home of several wild animals, the park enjoys the status first national park to be included under “Project Tiger”. And hence Jim Corbett National Park is an immensely popular place to catch the wild movement of fiery Royal Bengal Tiger.

Corbett Natioanl Park ViewWhile we plan for any trip across the India the first thing that comes in our mind – when is the best time to visit that particular place? It is quite obvious also especially in the case of wildlife trip. It is so because if we visit the wildlife habitats in perfect time then the probability of encounter with the Royal Bengal increases. So we schedule our trip in the best season. It is the advantage to the tourists of Jim Corbett National Park that they can throng any period of the year as per its zones. Corbett is sprawl over 521 square kilometer of buffer area and hence featured with five distinct tourism zones and each zone has different topography of land with different visiting period. Each zone is blessed with the more or less equal population of animals. A little bit luck is needed to spot the tiger in every zone.

Jhirna (Entry Gate – Kalagarh, Khara) which is 16 km away from Ramnagar is open round the year for the tourists because of its dry topographical features. Jhirna can be accessed during monsoon season also. Likewise, Sitabani and Dhela can be visited in any month of the year. Though Sitabani zone is not part of Corbett Tiger Reserve area in real terms and falls in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is situated on the outskirts of Jim Corbett National Park.

Dense-forestBeside these two zones, if you wish to access the core area of the park that is Dhikala Zone then you are suppose to plan your trip between 15th November till 15th June. It is said about Corbett that if you have not visited Dhikala Tourism Zone then trip to Corbett is incomplete. Engulfed with rustic natural beauty, Dhikala is very much popular among the hard core wildlife lover. This prime tourist area of the Corbett Parks remained closed during rest of the year. As far as the second premium zone of the Corbett “Bijrani Zone” is concerned it remains active only 01st October to 30th June every year. Durga Devi Zone – one of the farthest tourist areas of Corbett National Park is accessible during 15th November till 15th June every year. The entry gate is approximately 25 km from Ramnagar.

As per the season, winter is an ideal time to explore Corbett National Park (November to February) as it is the only period of the year when all the zones of the park are open for tourists. It is the period when tourist can easily spot the wild animals including Tigers. The royal majestic can be caught enjoying sun bath. Summer would be a bit harsh experiencing the hot and humid climate. But one can plan trip during this season also as there are many ultra luxurious resorts situated just on the periphery of the Corbett provides laid-back stay and makes your trip memorable event of the life. You may avoid during monsoon season because the state experiences heavy rainfall and road gets washed away.

Zone Wise Classification:

Tourism Zones Best Time To Explore
Jhirna Throughout the Year
Sitavani Round the Year
Bijrani 01st October to 30th June
Dhikala 15th November 15th June
Durga Devi 15th November to 15th June
Dhela Throughout the Year

Tips for a Successful Wildlife Safari in National Parks

Wildlife Safari in the core area of National Parks is always a relaxed and fun activity and it proves one of the best holiday ideas you have ever had. It is not only adventurous and thrilling but educational also. Hard core wildlife lover and researchers frequently go for this exciting activity. In order to make sure that you avail the best out of this experience, check here a few things that you should keep in your mind while going on a wildlife safari.

indian safari

Wildlife Safari Tip #1
Respect Wildlife: Do not get down from the vehicle in any case until and unless your guide permits. Sometimes it might be tempering to capture that perfect photo. You will be best advised to adjust your camera to reach there. Do not disturb the wildlife and keep your voice at low pitch and excitement level under control. Please remember that you are not in your own territory and animals have a better sense of smell than us humans!

Wildlife Safari Tip #2
Stay Safe and Within Your Boundaries: Stay well within your confined limits at all times. Do not try to walk around the core area of the national park and even at the entry gates of the park. You need to be careful of wild animals.

Wildlife Safari Tip #3
There’s also animal spotting etiquette: While the guide and driver do their very best to help you tick off every animal on your wish list, it doesn’t always happen. So keep patient and remember that these wildlife parks and game reserves are vast and provide enough camouflage to the animals. Additionally, please bear in mind that others also have their wish lists!

Wildlife Safari Trip #4
Keep Those Gadgets Away: If you must carry your cell phone (the chances of getting a good signal are weak!), keep it in silent mode. Same goes for your camera and any other electronic device you might be carrying. The constant beeping can disturb animals and annoy your co-passengers. The only sound anyone would want to hear those of animals and birds.

Wildlife Safari Trip #5
Pack Wisely: It’s okay to leave some books behind. You are on a wildlife safari after all, and not in an examination hall!! Pack light and keep only the essentials. Most basics like binoculars, hat, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.

Wildlife Safari Trip #6
Dress smartly and modestly: You could experiment with colors other than khaki but try to wear clothes that are not too flashy or bright. Go for comfortable cottons that you don’t mind getting some dust on. Remember to layer up as per the weather condition.

Reason Why Corbett is Peerless Tourists’ Destination in India

India is superbly diverse country with ample of exotic flora and fauna to explore. This is only the prime reason for the large number of foreign as well as domestic tourists coming here for forest and wildlife tourism. As per the data from the Ministry of Tourism, India boasts 88 National Park and 490 Wildlife Sanctuaries giving shelter to over 390 mammals, 455 reptiles, 210 amphibians, 1,230 bird species more than 30,000 species of insects.

So if you are among the wildlife enthusiasts and willing to explore nature and wildlife but not able to collect the idea about which place to choose? Situated in Sub-Himalayan belt, Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand can be a best option for you. Bounty of nature in this land makes it ultimate wildlife safari destination in India for multiple reasons. Following are some of the key situations that may compel you to opt for this wildlife heaven on this planet called Jim Corbett National Park.

  • It is so because Corbett has the distinction of providing ultimate jungle safari: A jeep Safari offers you the great opportunity to traverse deep into the wilderness of Corbett National Park; through its dense sal forested area, hills and streams. The easy mobility of the jeep enables one to cover large area of the park, increases the chance of encounter with royal Bengal tiger.

  • It is so because Corbett is the only Tiger Reserve in the Country that permits night stay within the forest: It is highly recommended in overnight stay in a forest that is as alive in the night as it is in the day. Corbett National Park is the only tiger reserve in the country that offers an opportunity to travelers to live within the forest. Spending a night or two in one old forest lodges offers the most immense jungle experiences.

  • It is so because you want to spend quality time with your family: It has been very long time since you have not spent holidays with your loved family and now you are willing to take your family on a great vacation then Corbett National Park would be the perfect spot to enjoy wonderful time with family members. Enjoying jungle safari with your family is really an apex form of pleasure. Corbett is the best weekend family gateway close to national capital Delhi.

  • It is so because being a wildlife lover you love wildlife photography: You love capturing the intriguing behavior of the wild creatures and nature and you are not finding the appropriate place to quench your thrust, then Corbett would be appropriate kind of place for you. keep your cameras at the ready position as you will get several beautiful moments to capture them while enjoying Jeep safari ride.

It is so because you love serene ambiance accompanied by luxury: If you looking for a luxurious vacation in the lap of nature then come and get submerged yourself with comfort and luxury. The ultimate destination offers many luxurious hotels and resorts in the outskirts of the National Park. Most of these resorts are set on the bank of river Kosi and amidst the scenic panoramas of the park.

Best Resorts In Corbett

Situated in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is an abode of wildlife and features animals like elephants, boars, sloths and langoors. Corbett National Park is dominated by hills, forest and valleys; it derives its name from the Edward Jim Corbett, a hunter cum turned conservationist who played a key role in its establishment. Dotted with natural beauty and the presence of numerous wildlife the place is best suited for weekend gateway close to national capital Delhi.  But if you wish to get into the pleasure and its distinctness, you need to stay at forest and jungle lodges. Corbett offers ample of accommodation options in the lap of nature. several luxury resorts are built in the outskirts of the park in order to promote tourism in the state. Our expert tour leaders help you in finding the best hotel and resort in this region.

aahanaresort5Aahana Resort

Rated as one of the best resort in Jim Corbett National Park, Aahana is an eco-friendly resort; strategically located few kilometres away from Corbett entry gates. The juncture is a heaven of wellness and rejuvenation for those travelers who are seeking for a luxury and laid-back stay experience. Spread over 11 acres of  the luxuriant piece of land, the resort seems close to the  wilderness and equipped with wide range of accommodation options. Each room and suites at the resorts is provided with the underground oxygenated water which they specially tap for the tourists coming here.

namah-resortNamah Resort: 

Namah, located on the bank of mighty river Kosi at Corbett National Park offers the most pleasant stay close to wilderness. Surrounded by natural beauty and lush greenery, it ensures the stay amidst and serenity enveloping all of Jim Corbett. For a relaxing and laid-back stay, the Namah Resort provides three categories of accommodation options as Premium Rooms (Spanning an area of 420 Square feet), Superior Rooms (Covers an area of 460 Square feet) and Suites equipped with modern amenities and Kind Sized beds.

Nadiya17Nadiya Parao Corbett

Offering the pleasant stay in the lap of Corbett National Park, Nadiya Parao is one of the premiums rated resort located in Dhikuli village near Ramnagar city. Snuggled in the tranquil surroundings Nadiya Parao offers bled of lavishness and nature that promises ultimate luxury in the wilderness. The resort has become the star attraction of the Corbett due to its classy location, fascinating accommodation and fine dining with matchless hospitality. The accommodation type categorized as Super Deluxe, Super Deluxe Cottage, Suites and Deluxe Rooms. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the perfect harmony between mind, body and soul.

CorbettTuskerTrail3Corbett Tusker Trail

Corbett Tusker Trail is the most distinguished and exclusive resort in Corbett. Situated in proximity to Safari entry gates of Corbett National Park, Tusker Trail is a nature friendly four star resort. The resort is easily accessible from the Ramnagar Railhead as it can be reached from there in approximately 30 minutes of drive. The resort gives you the opportunity to pamper yourself in the tranquil surroundings of Corbett National Park. The hotel is equipped with everything that you desire for the soothing and restful stay amidst of jungle.

A visit to one of the oldest national parks of India will give you a greater insight into the wilderness of the Corbett. On your next holiday vacation, a visit to Corbett National Park is a must.