Jim Corbett National Park Becomes India’s First Quarantine Centre for Animals

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News Update: While the world is busy battling Covid -19, the reports of a Malayan tiger being tested positive for Corona in the United States has routed the attention of the Indian authorities. Jim Corbett National Park- India’s oldest National Park located in Uttarakhand has built isolation ward for animals.

Cold & cough Symptoms of animals will be recorded in camera

In view of the threat of COVID 19, the first quarantine facility for animals has been started in Jim Corbett National Park. Isolation wards for animals with COVID-19 symptoms have now been erected.  Nearly 10 quarantine centers have been built inside the park, where those animals will be kept, which will have the symptoms of corona. Along with this, cameras have been installed in the areas around the National Park, so that the symptoms of cold and cough of animals can be recorded and appropriate action can be taken if required.

Animals have less risk of corona than humans

Wildlife medical officer of Jim Corbett, Dr. Dushyant has said that there is less danger to animals due to this virus, especially so far the case of corona in animals has been found only in tigers. These animals live away from the human population. If these symptoms were found in an animal that lives near the human population, then the chance of infection would be higher. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has recently issued some directives to prevent tress between tigers and humans and has said that all officials who come in contact with tigers and elephants should be subjected to corona test.

The tiger Welfare body also asked the parks to immediately inform about the animals falling ill.

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