Picture of Corbett National Park Tigers Playing with Plastics Goes Viral, Raises Concern

Key Highlights:

  • The photos of the incidents were captured by some tourists and on Jan 30
  • Later they handed them over to the CTR authorities
  • Corbett area is plastic free zone even the tourists are not allowed to carry plastic products inside the reserve
  • Eating plastic has a direct effect in the digestive system of animals
  • Officials say that plastic Drum must have drifted into the river and reached the sanctuary, the matter is being investigated

Ramnagar, Nainital: A photo of three tigers eating plastic drum on the banks of the Ramganga River in Dhikala zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) is making rounds over the social media have caused panic among the forest officers. Corbett National Park area is sprawled over 1288 square kilometers and the entire area is plastic free zone. The CTR Director has entrusted the investigation to the Deputy Director in the case.

For information, the viral photo of three tiger tigers is seen on the banks of Ramganga River in Dhikala zone of CTR. In the photo, two tigers are seen eating a blue plastic bucket lying on the river. This photo was sent by a tourist to the director of CTR. After that Corbett Tiger Reserve Director Mr. Rahul handed over the investigation of the entire episode to the Deputy Director.

Investigation matter is forwarded to Deputy Director

The Deputy Director will investigate the matter and find out where the plastic bucket in the Ramganga River came from. If a bucket has flowed into the river, then what was there in it, due to which the tigers surrounded the bucket?

The case of eating plastic drum of tigers is very serious. There is a complete ban on the use of plastic in the forest area. Action will be taken investigation is over.

What do tigers eat?

Tigers are carnivorous. Tiger’s diet often includes wild boar, bear, buffalo, wild cattle, antelope and weak or young elephants. They are known to feast on lizards, crabs, toads, birds and fish when large prey is not available.

The photo went viral earlier too

In 2019, a photo of a leopard chewing polythene in the Corbett Reserve region went viral. Investigation was also conducted by the department in the matter.

State Forest minister asked for report

Wildlife photographer Trikansh Sharma took the photo on 30 January. It has the tigress of Dhikala Zone and her two cubs. In this whole matter, the state forest minister Harak Singh Rawat called the matter serious and sought a report from the sanctuary authorities.

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