Spectacular 83 Years of Journey of Jim Corbett National Park

Ramnagar, Uttarakhand: Jim Corbett National Park has a great history so far. The world famous Jim Corbett National Park, which is hoisting its name in the whole world for wildlife conservation, has completed the journey of 83 years till now.

Corbett is one of the few tiger reserve in Asia whose forest protection care was taken under the forest department 149 years ago.  If you look at the history of Corbett Park, till 1800, this area was the private property of the King of Tehri. The East India Company helped the Tehri King during the Gurkhas invasion. In return for which the area was handed over to the British by the Tehri King.

Till 1858, the British dominated the region. Then it was necessary to get permission from British Hukumat to hunt here. As the exploitation of forests increased, in 1858, an exercise to protect it was started. The forest conservation project was then implemented and in 1868, for the first time, the task of conservation of this area was handed over to the Forest Department. This area was declared a reserved forest area in 1879.

In 1934, the then Governor Sir William Hailey advocated that the area must be protected for wildlife. Eminent hunter and later wildlife observer, Jim Edward Corbett, was assigned the responsibility of determining its limits.

On 8 August 1936, under the United Provinces National Park Act, it became the first national park in India as Hailey National Park. It was then named Ramganga National Park.  In 1956, the name of the park was changed from Ramamganga National Park to Jim Corbett National Park after Jim Edward Corbett died in 1955, who freed the people of this region from the man-eating tiger.

Slowly its’ Range Expanded

In the initial days, the area of Corbett Park was 323.75 km. In 1966, its area increased to 520.82 sq km. Now its area is expanded to 1288.32 sq km.

There is abundance of wildlife

CTR currently houses 208 tigers, 1100 elephants, about 35 thousand deer, besides wildlife like bears, sambar, guldar, pandas etc. Crocodiles, crocodiles and birds of more than six hundred species are also present here.

A walk in the woods

For a natural excursion you can go for a walk near the Kosi River. One day you can take a walk in the forest. The most famous ride at this place is the jeep safari with which you can tour the jungle.

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