Summer Holiday Special 2019: Corbett National Park Perfect Wildlife Destination for Coming Weekend

If Delhi is getting too much heat! Well, summers in Delhi NCR have always been unbearable. With increase in temperature, the humidity and heat is also rising and you might be feeling exhausted of 2019 summer. Just relax! We have the option that is really going to help you. Imagine yourself in an exotic location. However, it’s time to stop imagining and start planning.

So find your couple of days off, and get away to rejuvenate your soul and mind. Corbett National Park is a popular wildlife destination situated at a distance of only 260 kilometer from Delhi. One can fall easily affair with the wildlife of Corbett. If wish have to take have encounter and experience the ambience of nature, then Jim Corbett Park is the perfect spot to visit. Apart from wildlife you can even set up camps to enjoy the other side of picturesque mountains.

Keep Your Camera ready while doing Wildlife Jeep Safari

For any wildlife enthusiasts, the journey into the jungle is all about the thrill of tacking and spotting a Royal Bengal Tiger resting in their natural habitat. Corbett is one of the oldest national of country and popular across the globe for sound population of Tigers. It was established in the year of 1936 as Hailey National Park. Later in the year of 1955-56 it was renamed as Corbett National Park. Since then the park has become one of the best wildlife and most visited destination in country especially during summer season.  Apart from tiger, Corbett houses varied species of flora and fauna. While going deep inside the forest via Jeep; you will get several moments that you want to capture on your camera. Every spot inside the jungle is fabulous and ultimate. But please be careful while capturing them. Do not get down from the Jeep in any case. It is restricted and not safe to do so. Do not disturb the wildlife animals while they are resting.

Online safari Booing at Jim Corbett National Park

sitabani-zoneIf you are planning your summer vacation 2019 in Jim Corbett National Park then there are few steps to be followed before you reach there. Make sure of your hotel and resort booking well in advance. You will not get anything on the spot, so prepare property before you land at Ramnagar.  Most important is Jeep Safari booking. Ask us for Jeep safari permit. You will not be allowed to enter inside the park without having entry permit. So get your Safari permit and hotel booked before your actual visit to famous tiger territory of India.

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