Vulture Disappear from Famous Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park

Ramnagar, News update – The existence of vultures in Corbett National Park and the surrounding forests areas seems to be in danger. According to forest officials, many herds of vultures that are often seen in Ringoda and nearby areas of the park have not been seen for nearly two months. According to park officials, it is worrying to reduce the number of vultures. It will be studied and action plan will be created for their protection.

Significantly, presence of more than 2.5 thousand vultures could be seen in the area of Corbett National Park. The vultures reached on the verge of extinction in the country were safe in the Corbett Park. The department of forest recorded the presence of more than two and half thousand vultures here.

But for the past two months the vulture around Corbett is not visible. According to Rajkumar – the Bijarani range officer of the Corbett Park “The herds of vultures were seen in Ringoda area”.

Risk increased due to Painkillers – According to wildlife expert and DFO of Ramnagar forest division BP Singh, the number of vultures is continuously declining. Due to the use of painkillers in animals, there has been a threat to vultures. Vultures prefer to eat flesh of dead animals.

Both Nests and Herds Disappeared from the Forest – Wildlife expert Deep Rajarwar told that the Vultures and their nest were visible in Corbett’s Ringoda area. Vultures flying in flock could be seen easily. But all of sudden their presence is very less which is huge matter of concern for us. It is not good for the environment and ecosystem.

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