The Candid Images of Elephant went Viral

corbett elephant

The people left mesmerized after watching the picture of the elephant while drinking water in Corbett National Park. Currently the picture is viral and people enjoy seeing the viral posts on social media. The picture speaks for itself that includes a few elephants and you may love the interesting images of elephants with their interesting activities going on in reality. 

corbett elephants

IFS officer Susanta Nanda posted that candid image on twitter and captioned it with “How many elephants are in the picture?” The viral pictures of elephants doing certain activities are not the first time that they have created the hub among people. The picture was captured by wildlife photographer Gyaan Dixit in 2019 at Corbett National Park. He also posted the picture on his NGO WildLense Eco Foundation’s Twitter profile which was viral within 2 days. The perfect timing of capturing the pictures is commendable. This is how 

Many activities have been done in this post from sharing it to raising the queries and people share in the comments that pictures are looking superb. The huge response for the post is unwavering.  The total number of pictures is 1400 within 20 minutes to get candid moments of 7 Elephants satisfying their thirst. It must be tough for you to analyze.  Few pictures are spellbound and look so ultimate. Even the capturing moment involves the elephant family moving away after drinking water. The photographer’s appreciable efforts are wonderful and every picture posted on social media has unique specifications. The adorable pictures taken by photographers have become trending and internet sensation and users love the efforts of photographers. 

The shared photograph has secured a total 2,200 likes and 145 retweets. Yet, nobody is exactly able to spot the exact number of elephants in the image. Few are saying they are 6 or few are saying they are 7.