Lead your way to the Iconic Corbett National Park

corbett jungle safari

Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park and most frequently visited park in India. This park has a higher density of tigers and is loaded with an abundance of flora and fauna which makes it still trendy among youngsters for the wildlife venture. This park has a collection of animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Indian Hog Deer, Sambar Deer, Otter, Asiatic Black Bear, Sloth Bear and many more unique beasts. 

The exclusive catch of 600 species of varied plants and hundreds of bird species such as rare birds like Hornbill and White-backed Vulture is the true trendsetter in the jungle. For the marine lover, the Corbett will be a gift of God as there are diverse ponds, lakes and rivers to this place to look into. 

The park has the full potential to get you privileged with all these gifts from nature. The immense pleasure of the best combination of sighting and doing activities like river rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, fishing, angling and more is the way to cherish your mood. You can cover all these activities in a minimum of 2 days. Get the fun that the park has to offer to you all within that span of time.

Eco-Friendly Traveling Spot Corbett National Park

Wildlife and nature sightings are not so far away from you as it is only a few clicks away. Globetrotters worldwide are happily taking their eco-friendly trip to Jim Corbett National Park for their craving soul. Wildlife awaits you and when you are visiting here in Corbett you are truly going to have an abundance of fun with your family and friends. The rejoicing part of the trip is many and it depends upon you how you make the most of your trip Corbett. Be here to be blessed with all the popular attractions of the Corbett.

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