Corbett National Park has population deterioration in Hog Deer, Management is working on increasing the census of Hog Deer  

Jim Corbett National Park is a super vast park and known for its huge number of Tiger census. The climate condition of the park is very suitable and comfortable for tigers, elephants and many more animals while for the hog deer the atmosphere of the Corbett is not compatible as Hog deer dwell in marshy areas so the reason why there is deterioration in the census of Hog deer. 

hog deer in  corbett

The Management of Corbett, working on some planning 

Hog deer parameter is monitored through the Director of Corbett Rahul and he said a proposal will be prepared for the same. 

You can also check the census deterioration of Hog Deer year-wise in Corbett National Park

Year – Hog Deer Census

1977 – 1125

2000 – 294

2008 – 233

The census graph of hog deer is very alarming so management has decided to improve the situation. The census of hog deer was being tracked and found only 100 hog deer in Corbett. So keeping all the scenarios in mind the management has ultimately decided to take things forward to make things better and plan to keep the hog deer’s safety in priority according to the situation.

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