Corbett National Park Fully Opened for Tourist, Drone Monitoring Started

Corbett National Park, Nainital

Date: 15-November-2017

The Corbett National Park, famous for being the tiger reserve forest, has been all opened today for the tourist visit after the monsoon break. The park was partially closed for the tourist visit during the monsoon season due to the bad weather condition and ruptured safari tracks. After the monsoon season this year, the infrastructure has also been improved using the latest technologies for the monitoring of tourists. It is also said that some of the rules have been changed for the tourist to increase the safety and security of the wildlife and the betterment of the tourism activities.

In order to enhance the convenience for the visiting tourist, the entry gate from Kotdwar will also get functional in this season. Now, the tourists can enter through this gate too apart from the usual entry gates near Ramnagar. For the night stay at the forest houses, Corbett officials have decided to allow a maximum period of 3 days for the night accommodation inside the park so that the maximum of the tourists can get this opportunity.

The Corbett National Park is the prime wildlife destination in India and visited by the wildlife lovers from all over the world to get the majestic sight of the king of the Jungle, the Royal Bengal tiger. To improve the wildlife safety, the visiting tourists will be monitored by using the surveillance drone. In order to curb the complains received of tourists and guides breaking the rules of the tiger reserve and harassing the wild animals, the park authorities decided to use the drone to keep an eye on the tourists in the park.

It is the rule that safari jeeps have to maintain a fixed minimum distance from the wild animals, but drivers and guides are not adhering to that rule and take their vehicles very close to the animals for better sight and also stays one place for very long. As per the deputy director of Corbett Tiger Reserve Mr. Amit Verma, earlier the drones had been used for the security purpose only, but this time it will be used for monitoring the activities of the visiting tourists. If any tourist or guide or driver found breaking the rules or harassing the wild animals, the forest officials will take the action against the guilty.

On Wednesday, the most popular zone of the Corbett Park, the Dhikala zone was opened for the tourists visit. The Dhikala zone is considered as the best zone for the tiger sighting and for offering the amazing opportunity to spend few nights in their forest guest house located deep in the forest. One should follow the guidelines of the reserve forest and enjoy the sight of the wild animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them by any means.

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