An Elephant Calf Born In Corbett National Park after 25 Years

In a matter of rejoicing for the wildlife enthusiast in the Corbett National Park, an elephant calf was born in the park after a whopping 25 years. In the Kalagarh reserve zone of the Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR), a pet female elephant has given birth to a healthy male calf. Both the mother elephant and the baby elephant are healthy and fit.

An Elephant Calf Born In Corbett National Park after 25 Years

The forest department of the Corbett National Park has been decided to celebrate the naming ceremony of the elephant calf in a grand way. The deputy director of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, Mr. Amit Varma said that four male elephants and five female elephants had been relocated to Corbett from Karnataka. One female elephant named ‘Kanchambha’ from this group has given birth to a healthy calf on Thursday morning.

The forest department delighted with the birth of an elephant after the gap of twenty-five years. The forest staffs are happy with the increase in the elephant population in Corbett. A female elephant named ‘Albeli’ was the last elephant born here 25 years ago.

A female elephant named ‘Pawanpari’ had given birth to Albeli in the Dhikala zone of the Corbett National Park. Since Albeli grown up, she has been serving the forest department in various works. She helps in patrolling in Corbett as well as in the elephant safari. The CTR director, Mr. Rahul said that the naming ceremony will be held in a grand function.

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