Corbett National Park Tiger to be protected by Elephants of Gujarat

Following the Karnataka elephants, Gujarat elephants will now take care of security in the Corbett National Park. According to the examination, the elephants brought to the park to defend tigers are athletic. The female elephants brought from Gujarat with the intention to make a difference and for the security arrangements that will be handled by the state of Karnataka in the Corbett National Park. A herd of nine elephants from Karnataka were brought to Corbett in 2018, who patrol its security today. There are more than two hundred and fifty tigers in Corbett, spread over an area of 1288 square km. Due to the growing number of tigers in the park, their protection remains a confront for the authorities. The things like cameras, surveillance and patrolling are put in position to protect the park. In this, patrolling with elephants is an important part.

Till now the park administration is patrolling with elephants brought from Karnataka. Now the elephants brought from Gujarat have also been found fit for patrolling. Park’s wildlife doctor Dushyant Kumar told that there are 17 pet elephants near Corbett, with the help of which patrolling is being done in sensitive areas adjoining UP. Corbett’s wildlife doctor Dushyant told that apart from the pet elephants of Corbett National Park, the elephants brought from Gujarat have also been DNA tested. He told that recently the DNA of the elephant’s baby girl Khushi, born in Corbett, will also be done. With this, the data of where the elephant is, its age etc. will be prepared.

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