Introduction to the Oldest National Park of India

Corbett National Park was India’s first national park, founded in 1936. The park is 118 km long. Ramnagar was our destination after driving from Nainital to Kaladhungi. The area covered by the 521 Square kilometers map is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is a significant portion of the park. 

oldest national park in india

Ramnagar is a small town in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand in the Nainital district the Ramnagar district is 8,341 square kilometers in area, of which 8,314.36 square kilometers in a rural area and 2.43 square kilometers is an urban area. This town has seen a significant increase in population in the past ten years. The entrance to Corbett National Park is a center of access for those holidaying at the park. This area is challenging for many reasons, including loss of forest and other vegetation, problems with road alignments, and animal displacement. 

Wildlife ecotourism is in the process of improvement and the Government is striving for making the Corbett National Park best place for tourists and locals as well. Ecotourism in India is blessed with all exquisiteness and still needs to focus on the national park and its reserve. 

Tourists are important for generating a good range of revenue which can be reinvested for the growth and development of the system. Most of the tourists come forward to have the sighting tigers and a few of them are craving for the birds and others are interested in some other range of mammals. Though, the Corbett jungle is at its best and covered by many tourists daily. Tourists’ cravings are at that level which can be judged by their attitude toward the jungle as they want to spot a tiger with a very close view rather than maintaining a safe distance from them. 

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