An all-inclusive safari to Corbett National Park

jim corbett safari

If lush greenery and love for the wildlife do not beckon you to such an exotic place Corbett National Park then who else will do. For the best wildlife safaris, the forest of Corbett will give special treatment to you. The sequence number of 488 plant species, 580 bird species, 25 reptile species, and 50 mammal species are there to enrich the Corbett forest. These are all things that can be seen precisely when you go on a wildlife safari. 

Corbett is renowned for housing a huge number of tigers. The five zones are here to make you enjoy the safari in a jeep or in a canter where you will by chance able to encounter tigers in any of the zones.

Corbett Wildlife Safari zones

Bijrani Zone, Jhirna, and Dhikala Zone are the most sought zones for all the tourists as most of the time you will discover there all slots are full. Bijrani is famous for its open grasslands where spotting most of the time is easy. Jhirna Zone is famed for canter safaris and is open in all seasons. When it comes to Dhikala you can say it is just the right zone to spot elephants, deer, chitals, and Royal Bengal Tigers.

The other two safari zones are Dhela and Durga Devi zones and they are the buffer zone which is best for vibrant flora and fauna while the Durga Devi zone is a treat for bird lovers. 

Booking Process

How to Book Corbett Wildlife Safari?

Always make sure you book your wildlife safari i8n advance before 2 or 3 months ago. 

Book online, from our official website where availability of your favorite zones is almost available. 

Best time to visit the park for a Wildlife safari

October to February is the perfect time to visit Corbett for a wonderful journey of a lifetime. The climate condition won’t bother you with its harshness. Be a part of the pristine view and spot your gorgeous tiger during your morning and evening safari.  The green landscape is in full bloom during this time of the year so discovering the forest loaded with lush vegetation would be delightful. 

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