Wildlife is growing simultaneously in Jim Corbett National Park; Nepal MPs came to take ideas

After viewing the increasing number of other flora and fauna including tigers in Jim Corbett National Park, the Government of Nepal has also sought suggestions from Corbett.

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In Corbett, the rising number of other wildlife including tigers in Corbett National Park, the Government of Nepal has also sought some advice from Corbett. Under this, on Saturday, there was a conversation between the spokespersons of Corbett and a team of seven members from Nepal regarding the maintenance of forests and wildlife. Corbett officials have shared the work being done for the biodiversity, surroundings, and wildlife defense of Corbett to Nepal.

A team of seven members from Nepal, after Corbett, will also seek some advice from the Tiger Reserve. Corbett National Park border is closest to Nepal and the commendable security of wildlife in Corbett, a forest of Corbett is safe from the smugglers permeate. After seeking much information regarding the protection of wildlife and the forest the Government of Nepal also trying to make the forest a safe place.

Therefore, Corbett management has given much advice to the team of seven members from Nepal to show tiger shells and ways of guarding and increasing the density of tigers. The number of tigers in India’s Corbett National Park has been greater than before and Corbett country is also known overseas for the safety of wildlife. Taking this situation into the consideration, the Government of Nepal has also settled to stiffen the safety of its forests. For the same, the suggestions are being taken from three tiger reserves in India.

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