Rare Orchid Species Plant Found in Corbett Park, Name is Yellow Eulophia

Good news is coming out from the Bijrani range of Corbett Park. A plant of a rare orchid species has been found in compartment 9 of Bijrani range. Botanists are very happy with the discovery of this plant. Actually Corbett Park is known for its biodiversity. There are around 275 high tree species, more than 200 small species of plants, more than 100 species of small plants and more than 180 species of small ferns, algae plants are present in Corbett Park.

Apart from this, Dhikala, Pater Pani, Khinanoli, Bijrani, Jamunagarh, Mohanpani and Gojpani have large areas of green carpet of grass.

corbett flowers

A rare species of plant called Yellow Eulophia has been found under the Bijrani range of Corbett National Park. The scientific name of this plant is Eulophia Flava. It is an orchid species plant. It is very beautiful in appearance. This plant is found in the open forests of Africa, and South-Eastern Asia. Flowers appear on this plant from April to June. It survives easily even in dry environments.

The Corbett Park administration is excited by the arrival of Yellow Ulofia. Information is being gathered regarding when this plant first appeared. Due to the rare species of plants found in Corbett, it can also be estimated that Corbett’s forests are favorable for biodiversity.

What are orchids?

Orchids are a family of plants whose members have very beautiful and fragrant flowers. Orchids have a great reputation in the flower world because they have a unique quirk in their color form. According to the Botanical Survey of India, there are 1256 species of orchids in India. In 2019, the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) conducted the first comprehensive census of orchids. This census was called the “Comprehensive census of orchid of India”.

Distribution of Orchid in India:

Most of the orchid species in India are found in Arunachal Pradesh. So far 612 species have been found in Arunachal. While there is a concentration of orchid species in the North East, more endemic species of orchid are found in the Western Ghats. India has 388 species of orchids that are endemic, of which one-third is found in the Western Ghats. There are ten geographical zones of India, in which the highest number of orchid species are found in the Himalayan zone.

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