11- Foot King Cobra Rescued From Kyari Village in Ramnagar, Watch Hair-Raising Videos

King Cobra in Kyari Village
Representational Image

“Panic spread when King Cobra came out in a Kyari village in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. After this, information was given to the forest department and then they rescued the snake in the forest”.

News Update, Corbett National Park: Lockdown continues across the country due to the Novel Corona Virus. During this time not only the climate has become clear, but birds are also flying fiercely. In between incidents of snakes are also coming out from the many populated area situated near the Jim Corbett National Park. Especially in Uttarakhand, people are getting frightened by poisonous King Cobra and other snakes. One such incident has been witnessed in Ramnagar, where about 11 feet long King Cobra entered the Kyari village. Kyari village is located around thick natural trees and mango orchard. Wildlife enthusiasts come here for stay during their vacation to enjoy perfect natural surroundings and varied flora and fauna.

According to sources, the villagers found the king cobra in a water canal of the village and alerted the rescue team. Residents from the villages nearby gathered in large number to see the snake.

According to Pradeep Rawat, Director, De Floresta Resort, Kyari Village, “It was a king cobra weighing around 7.5 kg. The species is among the longest poisonous snakes in the world. King cobras usually do not bite humans unlike vipers. Rather, they are afraid of humans”.

It was not for the first time that snakes were found slithering into villages in Ramnaga. It is highly appreciable that the villagers alerted the rescue team immediately without killing the snake.

This rare picture and videos of the King Cobra that came out in Kyari village of Ramnagar has been revealed. Watch here full video.

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