A Wonderful Break at Jim Corbett


The popular Jim Corbett National Park, previously known as Hailey Park, gained its name from British Indian Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter and tracker, transformed into a conservationist. In the present day, Jim Corbett Park is a much broader concept of tourism than it was before. Earlier, the trip to Jim Corbett National Park was associated primarily with tiger sightings. Now, it is not only about wildlife and Corbett Jeep Safari. The options for having fun and thrill have gone beyond the range of wildlife admiration and jungle safaris.

The park is the home of several species of flora, fauna and avifauna. Apart from these, the excitement to visit Jim Corbett envelops exploring the temples, nature trails, treks, adventure activities, Kumaoni culture and many more.

Far from the hum-drum of the busy urban lives, plan a relaxing yet activity-filled trip to Jim Corbett National Park and engage your weary souls into the off-beat side of Jim Corbett.

Here are some options for you.

  1. Drive to Kath Ki Nao viewpoint

The village Kath ki Nao is situated at a distance of 35 kms from Ramnagar. Once you reach there, a 10 mins trek will take you to the hilltop at Kath ki Nao chowki. The view from there offers Kosi river on one side and the Ramganga valley on the other. There is a watchtower and an abandoned building at the chowky. The building once sheltered Jim Corbett when he was tracking the Mohan man-eater. On a clear sky day, you’ll also get the view of snow-capped Nanda Devi mountain.

  1. Trek to Barati Rau waterfall

This offbeat location is situated at Chunakhan, 20 kms away from Ramnagar. The waterfall is the ultimate point of the place, unravelling through multiple layers of birds chirping, sal trees, and forest. The Barati Rau waterfall is just a kilometre and half mild-trek away from the ticket counter.

  1. Experience surrealism at Marchula

Marchula, very near to Corbett National Park, is a tranquil spot where you must visit to grab some relaxation. The river there is enclosed by forests and small hills. Set chairs and sit on them in the shallow areas of the river. The Mahseer fish in the river tend to play with your feet by removing the dead cells.

  1. Catch and release angling

Bhikiyasen, approximately 63 kms from Corbett, angling is permitted on the Ramganga river. The river houses the internationally prized sport fishes – the Goonch and the Golden Mahseer. You can enjoy fishing them, provided it is strictly on a catch and release basis.

  1. Man-eater trail at Mohan 

Through the forest reserve Jim Corbett, the hike is about 8 kms, starting from Tanhau. The downhill trek descends through the path of the famous and legendary Man-eater tiger of Mohan. On the days of low wildlife activities, the pristine beauty of the forest overtakes your entire attention. Experience the aura of the jungle on foot with the presence of wild animals all over is indeed breathtaking. The trail is strictly recommended with the company of a highly experienced guide.

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