Tiger-Human Conflicts: Corbett Facing Impact of Men’s Arrogance

tigers in corbett

You must have heard a lot about the increase in cases of tigers attacking tourists in Jim Corbett national park, so what do you think about who is at fault for the attacks? These increasing attacks rise up many questions. Jim Corbett is one of the oldest and safest forest reserves and now all of a sudden after so many years these attacks happening, why? So today in this blog we are going to discuss the reason behind the increasing attacks of Tigers in Corbett.

The video is spreading like fire over the internet where the tigress is roaring at the jeep. This is not the first time it is happening and if won’t get the real reason why this is happening and won’t work on it, then it won’t even be the last attack for sure. So before talking about the reasons for attacks, we shall know the nature of the tigers.

About Tigers of Jim Corbett:

Jim Corbett National Park is home to one of the largest populations of tigers in India and this is the reason it is so popular among tourists and one of the most visited places by people all around the world. People enjoy here and come here to witness the beauty of this unique but very amazing creature of god.

Tigers are carnivorous and are said to have their own territory. They don’t like other tigers entering their territory which led to conflicts between them. But the nature of female tigers with cubs is not similar to that of male tigers. Female tigers have their own territories ranging approximately 20 square km but at the same time male tigers have territories ranging approximately from 60 to 100 square km.

Due to their carnivorous nature, they help in maintaining the ecosystem of the jungle. You must be wondering how they are helping the ecosystem of the jungle, it is because they keep the population of other animals in control, which helps the jungle to be a balanced place to live for all.

According to the Recorded Data of 2023:

  • Total Number of Tigers – 252
  • Female Tigers- 119
  • Male Tigers- 91
  • Unidentified- 41

Reasons for Aggression in Tigers of Jim Corbett:

Increasing Number of Tigers: The first and one of the prime reasons can be the rise in the number of tigers in the limited area. There are 252 tigers living in a small area of 1,318 square km, which is not enough for these tigers. Ideally, this national park is an ideal space for 69 female tigers but now 252 tigers have to survive in this space in which both males and females are included.

 People Not Following the Rules of the Space: Every national park has its own rule but people tend to forget to follow those rules in order to have fun and enjoy. But it is really important to follow the rules and regulations of the particular place if you really want to experience the fullest. For example, we have talked about the tiger roaring at the jeep, because people were making noise and which disturbed the tigress. And it is against the rules to make loud noises and disturb the habitat of the national park. This is the reason the driver of the Jeep is held in Jim Corbett National Park. These rules and regulations are for your own good, so you really need to follow these rules for your own safety.

We people at fault: Humans are at fault because we don’t understand the nature of tigers. It is really necessary for us to understand the nature of the animal or things we are going around because it helps us to deal with the situation that might come. We need to study the way they decide their territory and how they mark their territory. If you want to know this, then you can go through our blog in which we discussed it in detail.

So, it is we who need to change. Everybody has their own part to be played, so we don’t have to interrupt other’s parts and focus on our own. Hope you have a safe trip to Corbett and may you collect much fun and happy memory there. Just follow the rule because every rule is not meant to be broken and also study the place before you actually go there.

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