Major Wildlife Travelling Measures For Adventurous Wildlife Tourists

Going on wildlife safari amidst dense and dark jungle of the Jim Corbett National Park is about enjoying the thrill of nature. To enhance your safari experience here is an advice on what safety measures is best suited for this Jungle. Please once go through our expert’s advice and you will be comfortable, cool and protected.

  • Light Clothing: While we go on open Jeep Safari tour both the wildlife and traveler see each other. It might be possible that bright colors do disturb animals and they get attracted towards our vehicle so avoid it. However, shorts are must but in morning and evening prefer Khaki Pants. It is always advisable to wear clothes of colors which merge with the natural surroundings. You may take hat and a thorn proof shoe is must.

Plan in Advance: Generally we should plan our trip well in advance in order to avoid rush in last hours. Almost every national park has an ideal time to visit, get this information well when you are thinking for a wildlife holiday in India to get the best.

  • Take care of Your Health: When we move from one place to another, the variation and changes in the climate affect our body. To overcome such situation we must carry emergency medicines, stay hydrated, take yellow fever machine and apply sunscreen on the body before you go on for wildlife safari.
  • Carry Waterproof Binoculars: You may require binoculars to spot jungle’s exotic flora and fauna. It is always advisable to carry waterproof so that unpredictable rain does not spoil the Jungle safari.
  • Cooperate With Local Guide: Do not ignore the presence of your local guide who accompanied you throughout the Jungle Safari. The guide alerts you about the smell, sound and spectacular sight of forest. His guidance will help you to get submerge in the rustic beauty of the nature.
  • Go Slow in Wild: Animals get irritated by human sound, go slow which includes driving slow and not making any noise at all.
  • Know Animal Behaviors And Habit: Before you take plunge for the wildlife safari, do bit homework. Learn bit about specific animals that you are going to see in the park. This helps in better understanding about the nature of the animals and you can enjoy viewing them thoroughly.
  • Opt Core Zone Safari: Jim Corbett National Park offers visitors Core Zone / Corbett Tiger Reserve Area Safari to have close encounter with wild animals. Corbett Tiger Safari will surely educate visitors about the richness of the Jungle.

While you plan exotic holiday in a National Parks follow these tips to do justice your wildlife visit.

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