Reasons Why You Should Visit Jim Corbett National Park This Winter

The first national park of the Indian subcontinent, the Corbett reserve amidst the grassland, densely wooded hills abutting the Himalayas gives it its enchanting beauty and attracts tourists from all over. Reasons why you should visit this park are-

The Oldest National Park of Asia:
Perhaps, the oldest national parks of Asia, the Jim Corbett national park, is named after the famous British hunter turned conservationist, Edward James Corbett. It came into existence in the year 1936 and people from all around the world visit this park to enjoy the picturesque beauty which is unbelievable. The most popular reserve to spot the fierce and gigantic Bengal tiger, it was also the first tiger reserve, where the project tiger was undertaken.

Rich in Flora and Fauna:

Spread over an area of more than 521 square kms, it is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhnad. Rich in flora and fauna, it offers the outstanding view of the Himalayas amidst the dense deciduous forests. The park is divided into five zones namely the dhikala, the jhirna, the bijrani, the domunda and the sonanadi. Travelers can also seek accommodation inside the national reserve in the forest rest houses in any of the zones, but only with prior bookings. There are numerous hotels and resorts outside the periphery of the park, which provide accommodation and range from luxury to economy to suit the pocket of the tourists.

Extraordinary Variety Of Animals and Reptiles:
Spotting out an enormous range of animals and reptiles that takes in Indian Python, the park bustles and an amazing place for bird watchers and one can even involve themselves into several actions like fishing, angling and hiking.

Amazing Resorts and Hotels to Stay:

The Corbett National Park offers numerous staying options from luxury resorts to budget hotels and Forest rest houses to meet up the requirements of the tourists and make them have a comfortable stay. The Corbett hideaway, the river view resort, the infinity resort, the golden tears, the Corbett lilavillas is the well-appointed resorts. Ram Ganga resort, the Manu Maharani resort, the wild crest resort is the budget hotels. Last but not the least the forest rest houses give an experience of home away from home. Equipped with all the necessities, they are an ideal place to stay that are affordable and does not even pinch your pocket.

They should follow the instructions of the guides while they are in the national reserve. The travelers should carry a first aid box in case of minor accidents. The entry fee for the foreign nationals is different in comparison to the Indian nationals. Also, there is no ATM inside the park so all the arrangements should be made before going inside the park.

A visit to the Corbett national park is not only about the Bengal tigers, but there are many attractions around the reserve which should be added to the itineary to make the trip pleasurable and memorable.

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