International Tiger Day 2022: Who says Tiger can’t be seen in Jim Corbett? These Three Tiger Families are Pride of CTR

corbett tiger reserve

Ramnagar, CTR: The number of tigers has increased in the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve located near Ramnagar in Uttarakhand. According to forest officials, there are currently 231 tigers. The numbers are expected to increase in the new count. There is a possibility that the number of tigers here will cross 300 by including all the areas. Neeraj Sharma, deputy director of the reserve, says that this is the result of years of efforts of nature, forest and wildlife conservation is that the number of tigers is increasing. At present there are 231 tigers here. The numbers are expected to increase in the new census.

According to Neeraj Sharma, as the number of tiger’s increases, the possibility of increasing the conflict between tigers with humans increases. This situation is not good for both. In such a situation, we have to see and manage how many tigers can live comfortably in which area. According to forest department officials and local wildlife experts, there could be more than 300 tigers in this entire area. Around 38 tigers were recorded in Ramnagar Forest Division. At present their number can be between 40 and 42. Let us now know the story of the three tiger families…

Queen Paro: Whoever does not see, sees Paro

The famous tigress of Corbett named as Paro can be easily spotted. It is popularly said that if you have not seen tigers in Corbett then need not to worry you will definitely come across Paro. Please be patient in spotting tigers in Corbett because you are not in the zoo or exhibition area. It is a national park which has no fencing area. Many times people complain that we visited Corbett twice or thrice and spotted only deer, elephants etc.

The number of tigers is increasing continuously in Corbett. Therefore, now people get a glimpse of the members of the tiger families ruling in different areas separately or together.

Dhikala is one of the most famous tiger sighting areas in Jim Corbett National Wildlife Park. There are a lot of grasslands here. That is a big field of green grass, forest all around, water, small animals for hunting. That’s why the tigress ‘Grassland Wali’ and her children’s family rules here. They all live together.

The Corbett Tiger Reserve cuts through the forest of Ramnagar city and the Kosi River flows next to it.

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