Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett National Park

When we talk about wildlife trip in India, the very first name that strikes in our mind is Jim Corbett National Park. Corbett is one of the prides for the country. The park captures the attention of tourists because of its vast flora and fauna and its virgin wildness. Apart from being the home of several wild animals, the park enjoys the status first national park to be included under “Project Tiger”. And hence Jim Corbett National Park is an immensely popular place to catch the wild movement of fiery Royal Bengal Tiger.

While we plan for any trip across the India the first thing that comes in our mind – when is the best time to visit that particular place? It is quite obvious also especially in the case of wildlife trip. It is so because if we visit the wildlife habitats in perfect time then the probability of encounter with the Royal Bengal increases. So we schedule our trip in the best season. It is the advantage to the tourists of Jim Corbett National Park that they can throng any period of the year as per its zones. Corbett is sprawl over 521 square kilometer of buffer area and hence featured with five distinct tourism zones and each zone has different topography of land with different visiting period. Each zone is blessed with the more or less equal population of animals. A little bit luck is needed to spot the tiger in every zone.

Jhirna (Entry Gate – Kalagarh, Khara) which is 16 km away from Ramnagar is open round the year for the tourists because of its dry topographical features. Jhirna can be accessed during monsoon season also. Likewise, Sitabani and Dhela can be visited in any month of the year. Though Sitabani zone is not part of Corbett Tiger Reserve area in real terms and falls in Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, which is situated on the outskirts of Jim Corbett National Park.

Beside these two zones, if you wish to access the core area of the park that is Dhikala Zone then you are suppose to plan your trip between 15th November till 15th June. It is said about Corbett that if you have not visited Dhikala Tourism Zone then trip to Corbett is incomplete. Engulfed with rustic natural beauty, Dhikala is very much popular among the hard core wildlife lover. This prime tourist area of the Corbett Parks remained closed during rest of the year. As far as the second premium zone of the Corbett “Bijrani Zone” is concerned it remains active only 01st October to 30th June every year. Durga Devi Zone – one of the farthest tourist areas of Corbett National Park is accessible during 15th November till 15th June every year. The entry gate is approximately 25 km from Ramnagar.

As per the season, winter is an ideal time to explore Corbett National Park (November to February) as it is the only period of the year when all the zones of the park are open for tourists. It is the period when tourist can easily spot the wild animals including Tigers. The royal majestic can be caught enjoying sun bath. Summer would be a bit harsh experiencing the hot and humid climate. But one can plan trip during this season also as there are many ultra luxurious resorts situated just on the periphery of the Corbett provides laid-back stay and makes your trip memorable event of the life. You may avoid during monsoon season because the state experiences heavy rainfall and road gets washed away.

Zone Wise Classification:

Tourism Zones Best Time To Explore
Jhirna Throughout the Year
Sitavani Round the Year
Bijrani 01st October to 30th June
Dhikala 15th November 15th June
Durga Devi 15th November to 15th June
Dhela Throughout the Year

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