Tips for a Successful Wildlife Safari in National Parks

Wildlife Safari in the core area of National Parks is always a relaxed and fun activity and it proves one of the best holiday ideas you have ever had. It is not only adventurous and thrilling but educational also. Hard core wildlife lover and researchers frequently go for this exciting activity. In order to make sure that you avail the best out of this experience, check here a few things that you should keep in your mind while going on a wildlife safari.

Wildlife Safari Trip

Wildlife Safari Tip #1
Respect Wildlife: Do not get down from the vehicle in any case until and unless your guide permits. Sometimes it might be tempering to capture that perfect photo. You will be best advised to adjust your camera to reach there. Do not disturb the wildlife and keep your voice at low pitch and excitement level under control. Please remember that you are not in your own territory and animals have a better sense of smell than us humans!

Wildlife Safari Tip #2
Stay Safe and Within Your Boundaries: Stay well within your confined limits at all times. Do not try to walk around the core area of the national park and even at the entry gates of the park. You need to be careful of wild animals.

Wildlife Safari Tip #3
There’s also animal spotting etiquette: While the guide and driver do their very best to help you tick off every animal on your wish list, it doesn’t always happen. So keep patient and remember that these wildlife parks and game reserves are vast and provide enough camouflage to the animals. Additionally, please bear in mind that others also have their wish lists!

Wildlife Safari Trip #4
Keep Those Gadgets Away: If you must carry your cell phone (the chances of getting a good signal are weak!), keep it in silent mode. Same goes for your camera and any other electronic device you might be carrying. The constant beeping can disturb animals and annoy your co-passengers. The only sound anyone would want to hear those of animals and birds.

Wildlife Safari Trip #5
Pack Wisely: It’s okay to leave some books behind. You are on a wildlife safari after all, and not in an examination hall!! Pack light and keep only the essentials. Most basics like binoculars, hat, sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.

Wildlife Safari Trip #6
Dress smartly and modestly: You could experiment with colors other than khaki but try to wear clothes that are not too flashy or bright. Go for comfortable cottons that you don’t mind getting some dust on. Remember to layer up as per the weather condition.

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