Averages of four tigers die every year in Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park Tigers

News update: From the conservation point of view Jim Corbett National Park is an important sanctuary in the country where the count of tiger is increasing in the forest every year. At the same time, tigers are also dying every year. The figure of the death of tigers killed due to different reasons has come to the fore, it is worrying. Most of the tigers in Corbett were killed in mutual conflict, but from snakes to crocodiles crawling on the ground are also proving to be dangerous for them. On an average, four tigers are being killed every year in CTR. That is, one tiger dies every three months. Most tigers have been killed in the last five years due to different reasons.

According to the data from CTR, 76 tigers have been killed from 2001 to March 2021. In which 31 tigers have been killed in the mutual conflict between the tigers. While 45 tigers died due to other reasons including snake attack, seihi attack, crocodile attack, elephant attack, falling from hill, getting diseased and falling in tank. This is the dead tiger which is recorded in the departmental papers. Here is the data year wise:

YearNo. of Dead Tigers

Cause of this Death

Mutual Conflict31
Seihi Attack08
Snake Bite01
Crocodile Attack01

Number of tigers increased in CTR

YearTigers Count

Two out of 252 tigers have been sent to Rajaji Tiger Reserve Haridwar. So now there are 250 tigers in the Jim Corbett National Park.

What do the responsible and experts say?

CTR director Rahul said that if tigers are dying, on the other hand they are also increasing. All deaths are natural. The department is always involved in the protection and conservation of tigers. Apart from mutual conflict, tigers have also died due to snake attack. On the other hand, Dushyant Sharma, Senior Veterinarian CTR says that Sehi becomes an attacker on the tiger. The sharp thorns of Sehi pierce the tiger’s neck and chest. The more will the tiger move the more these thorns go on entering the body. In such a situation, the tiger gets injured or they die. The death of the tiger due to snake bite was reported earlier.

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