Corbett National Park – A Lifeline for Tigers in India


corbett park tigers

The definition of wildlife is meaningless if you haven’t experienced the ambiance of the rich forest in Corbett National Park. A land where tigers not only dwell but also rule the forest of the park. The park official ensures that tigers are well protected and that their existence should not be harmed in any way. It is the oldest national park in the country, so not only tigers, but also any wild creatures feel safe in this forest since it is their territory.


A tiger is a symbol of pride for our nation. 

Tiger love in India is not new as national parks have been always in limelight due to the huge number of tigers and the comfortable place for them. They remain in the happiest state of mind and cheerful mode with their family. The travel and tourism industry and other many associations are generating revenue through tiger safaris.


Tigers have a better place to live in the forest of the Corbett National Park.

You will love its landscape and apart from being a tiger’s habitant, Corbett National Park has world-class resorts and hotels with the best facilities and amenities. Tigers are everywhere in almost all the national parks in India but in Corbett, Tigers roam freely and fearlessly. They have huge space to move freely amidst green nature.


When do Tigers fight inside the park?

Tigers fight inside the park due to get territory for their family. So the weaker one suffers and they look for another house in the jungle. If you get the opportunity to watch tigers for long hours then definitely no one will leave this opportunity.


Tigers also like humans live in the jungle involving them in making their living every day for themselves and their families.


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