Elephant Attacked a Car in Corbett, Narrow Escape for the Two Men Inside

Corbett National Park, Ramnagar

News Update: 03-December-2018

In a terrifying incident that happened on the road near the Corbett National Park, two men travelling in a car had a narrow escape during a frightening encounter with a wild elephant while it was crossing the road. As per the source, both the men are teachers, who were going to their work in their car yesterday morning when this incident happened on the National Highway 121 passing nearby the Corbett National Park in Ramnagar of Uttarakhand.

The section of NH 121 that crosses the Corbett National Park in Ramnagar is categorized as an elephant corridor and the incident of human-elephant encounter is common on this stretch. That’s why, in order to prevent any such horrible encounter and mishap that happened yesterday morning, the forest officials shut this section of the road during the night. However, such incidents of human-elephant encounter generally took place in the daytime.

In this incident, the two teachers were driving to work in their car when they saw an elephant emerges from the surrounding forest and advancing towards their car on the NH 121. Seeing the angry elephant approaching them, they stopped their car and fled away from it. The angry elephant then pushed the car down the road and toppled it. Hearing the uproar, the forest guards at the nearby picket rushed towards the place.

When all the efforts of shouting and making noise to distract the elephant and sending it towards the jungle don’t succeed, one of the forest staffs used his gun and fired shots in the air to scare the big animal. After hearing the gunshot, the elephant left the place and slipped into the forest, but after tumbling the car over. A video of this incident has been captured from a distance which is getting viral on the social media. In the video footage, it can be seen that how the angry elephant toying the car down the road and toppling it.

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