Fishing and Angling at Jim Corbett Park

Situated in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand Jim Corbett National Park is the abode of wildlife enthusiasts. It is the first preserved area of the country, established in 1936 and well renowned as Hailey National Park. After Independence, it was known as Ramganga National Park and was later, named in 1956, Jim Corbett National Park, a perfect paradise for various endangered wildlife species, spread over an area of 521 sq. km in the foothills of the Himalayas.

fishing in corbett

During the 18th century, a hunting reserve by the Lieutenant Governor of the region where Jim Corbett National Park was situated. Once, Sir Malcolm Hailey and Jim Corbett went on a fishing trip on the western banks of the Ramganga river. It was then the plan to set up a national park bounding the jungle area first came into their minds. The region was then allotted to construct the park where hunting of animals was prohibited. This surfaced the way for the first national park in the country which came into existence in the year 1936. The Ramganga river drenching the park area is an abode of huge Goonch, Masheer, and many other species of fish attributing to the popularity of the park.

Furthermore, it is the desired destination for all those visitors who are big fans of fishing and angling as the most ideal places for fishing in the Ramganga river isBalyuli and BadharanBashal along with places like Matwash and Rikawasi are also popular fishing spots. The Streams flowing through this region provide the anglers with various options to opt from, including types of fishto hunt for in the specific area of the park which is rich in a specific variety of fish, whether they want to engage in angling from the banks or on the boat.

River Kosi also flows through Corbett Park and fishing is the specific venture of this river. Configuring the eastern boundary of the Corbett from Mohan, the river terminates at Ramnagar rich in Mahseer fish. The Kosi river is permitted for fishing activity from October to June where fishing and angling activities are easily carried out at Betalghat and Chhara.

According to the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), 43 species of fish belonging to the nine families and six orders were registered in the river system comprising the list of the rare fish species like the Golden Masheer, Indian Trout, the lesser known Kalabasu and Goonch.

Fishing is a unique recreation activity in itself. Ramganga river emerges from Dudhatoli located in the north of Corbett at a distance of 140 km in the foothills of the Himalayas. In the enormous reservoir of Ramganga river drains the Sonanadi river making it a significant fish habitat in the middle of the park.

Best time for Fishing in Corbett Park: –

Fishing in the Ramganga river can be done all year round and also remains unaffected by the snow waters. Fishing season in the unique areas around Vanghatstarts from early October to the mid of June, along a 24 km stretch. During the monsoon season, Masheer fishing is closed due to the breeding season i.e. from the months of June to September. But, on the other hand, in the upper Ramganga fishing is allowed, stretching up to a distance of 100 km from Nagataley to Masi.

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