Bird Watching Tour at Jim Corbett National Park

Tiger Sighting and Bird watching go hand in hand at Jim Corbett National Park where tourists get utmost thrilling experience of both the enchanting activities. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand has become a hotspot for birding tours in India along with the protected area of the Royal Bengal Tigers. Corbett has been declared as an “Important Bird Area” by the Birdlife International which is a global Bird Conservation Organization. It is situated at the favorable location in the foothills of Lesser Himalayas and its geography comprising of ravines, grasslands, hillocks and deciduous forest.

In addition to Tiger Safari in India, this Indian Birding Tour also includes the famous tiger reserve of India’s Corbett National Park which is also equally famous. The area of Corbett Park is one of the richest bird regions in the country with more than or around 600 different bird species which can be found in Corbett, making it one of the most popular and distinctive bird watching destinations in India for bird lovers.

Before Corbett, nature walks in Kilbury & Pangot would only provide birding experiences as the national park has other wildlife such as Royal Bengal Tiger and Indian Wild Elephant. This bird watching tour showcases the fork tails and the alluring Ibis bill along with some of the beautiful and rare avifauna found here including the Great hornbill, collared falconet, Red-headed vulture, Spot-bellied Eagle Owl and many more such rare endemic bird species, which can be best relished with binoculars.

The 6 Most Prominent Bird Watching Trails in Jim Corbett National Park are: –

  1. Haati Dangar- Haati Dangar is the abode of Vultures, Storks, Eagles, Kingfishers, Sandpipers, species of Lapwings, Martins, sometimes some mammals like Wild Boars, Spotted Deer, even Tigers and Leopards etc can be sighted in this region.
  2. Kosi Barrage and Sitabani- This zone does not fall under the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve area but if you are fond of serene ambiance of the natural beauty, must visit Sitabani area for captivating bird watching activities and photography. Species which can be sighted here are Red Starts, Lesser and Greater Cormorants, Ruddy Shell duck, Herons, Eagles, Kingfishers etc.
  3. Kyari to Powalgarh- With the area of about 60 km. the species found here include Barbets Nut hatchs, Owlets, Woodpeckers, Vultures, Lapwings, Hornbills, Babblers, Bulbuls etc.
  4. Garjiya Temple- Along with river Kosi, species found here are Cormorant, Redstart, Wall creepers, Herons, Water hens, Kingfishers etc.
  5. Mohaan to Kumariya- Bird species like Thrushes, Brown dippers, Owls, Fantails, Flycatchers, Paradise Flycatchers, Eagles etc can be found here.
  6. Bhakrakot to Marchula- Species found here are Fish Eagles, Redstart. Hornbills, Nuthatchs, Tree Creepers, Bulbiuls, Magpies, Great Hornbills, Birds of Prey, Long Billed Thrushes, Tesia etc.


Best Time for Bird Watching in Corbett Park – The Best Months for Bird Watching in Corbett National Park and the nearby areas are from November to March. Apart from the local birds, one can observe the rare species of migratory birds as well during the winter season.

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