River Rafting in Jim Corbett- A Whole New Experience

river rafting in corbett

Rafting in Corbett is an experience you will never forget in your life. People visiting Jim Corbett are always looking for adventure beyond sightseeing and exploring the rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Experiencing the Corbett jungle safari and luxurious encounters with the top-notch assistance at the properties has become a ubiquitous sight. River rafting at Jim Corbett is an ultimate activity followed by rappelling, fishing, and angling. Each of the activities is available over the river.

Essential Details about Rafting in Corbett

River Rafting is a very active water sport available during July to October months. The Journey begins at the Suspension bridge which is the point of initiation. It is a wholesome experience that usually lasts up to one to two hours covering a good distance. River Rafting is Jim Corbett is undertaken under the proper safety measures and the most trusted providers of the Jim Corbett. This fun water sport is available for both professionals as well as beginners. This will help the tourists when the activity is chosen for the category most suitable for them. The Activity will multiply the fun and joy of paddling through the strong flow.

What do you need to know about Rafting in Corbett?

This fun water sport is carried out in the Kosi river nearby Jim Corbett. The Magnificent flow of the river will make your journey filled with surprises. Accompanied by professionals, as a tourist, you must consider their advice while they are briefing you about the whole new experience. The Facility to pump your adrenaline with confidence is available here at Corbett Park in river Kosi.

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