Places In and Around Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park not only has the glory of being Asia’s first protected forest, it is also the place where the biggest conservation initiative of its time was launched in 1973 called Project Tiger. In due course of time Corbett has become one of the best preserved parks, with a population of 172 tigers, and over 600 elephants. Crowned as a best showcase of wildlife in India, the park has become the popular tourist destination.

Places of interest in the outskirts of Corbett National Park:

garjia devi templeGarjia Temple: Located in Garjia village, just 14 kilometer from Ramnagar, Garjia Devi is one of the famous temples of Ramnagar. Literally, the temple is a huge rock placed in the mid of river Kosi. The carved rock accommodates the home of Goddess Garjia, which can be accessed by devotees after climbing several stairs. Thousands of devotees from across the country as well as globe come to visit the temple.

dhangariDhangarhi Museum: The Dhangarhi Museum situated near Dhangarhi gate is a perfect stopover for first time wildlife lovers. Museum showcases the life and atmosphere of Corbett Park. The museum is one of the major attractions of the city which is also the part of the Corbett National Park. The skeleton of the several species of animals like tigers and elephants are preserved in the glass boxes.

corbett waterfallsCorbett Waterfall: Corbett Waterfall is situated at an approximate distance of 25 kilometer from Ramnagar city can be accessed by road that is lined with thick tall trees and hints of wildlife species. Tourists coming here can enjoy swimming in the silvery streams. Get mesmerized with the harmonious mingling sounds of splashing waterfalls.

kosi riverKosi River: Kosi River is a perennial river that flows along the long stretches of Jim Corbett National Park. The river forms eastern boundary of the park from Mohan through Dhikuli till Ramnagar. It is inhabited by a kind of fish called Masheer that attracts many migratory birds. Tourists can enjoy angling activity through the months of October to June every year.

sunrise pointSunrise Point: Sunrise Point in the Corbett is the highest peak which is famous for a magnificent sunrise view. Blend of Ramganga and Kosi River in between the dense forest can be observed from this height. The place is also famous for an oldest bungalow built by Britishers. One can enjoy the subtle glimpses of real natural beauty of Corbett National Park.

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