Advent of New Route to Bring Jim Corbett National Park Nearer to Delhi NCR Residents

Jim Corbett National Park located in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand is one of the most popular destinations for a weekend gateway for many wildlife enthusiasts living near Delhi NCR regions. And now the good news is here, a trip to this favourite spot is going to be a lot easy and quicker than ever before. This may wonder you how? This has become possible by the great effort of Uttarakhand Government. The state government has decided to open a new entry gate to the reserve forest through Kotdwar.

This very new developments of opening the new gate is will save at least one hour’s drive of cut down at least 80 kilometer of distance from  travel (as reported in Times of India). This indeed gives us a solid reason to happiness.

According to State Environment and Forest Minister Harak Singh Rawat, “This new route will soon be accessible for tourists visiting the Jim Corbett National Park for wildlife safari through Pakharo gate at Kotdwar. Till date, the only route that was available for the travellers was via Ramnagar”.

As of now the surface distance between Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park (up to Ramnagar city) is 280 kilometer and now the distance from Delhi to Pakharo will cut down to 200 kilometer. This new route is going to provide a significant relief to all those wildlife lovers who sometime postpone their trip just because of distance from Delhi.

The state environment minister also cited that the central government has also granted all necessary permission for opening the new gate via Pakharo.

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