Close Shave for Tourists in an Elephant Attack Near the Corbett National Park

A group of four tourists saved their life from an angry elephant when the wild Tusker attacked their car and tried to crush it nearby the Corbett National Park. This spine-tingling incident happened on the NH 121 nearby the Mohan when a wild elephant suddenly came out from the nearby Corbett forest and charged at their car and tried to smash the car. All the four tourists were inside the car when the elephant attacked them. They somehow managed to escape from the car and got away from the danger. Even after the tourists got out of the car, the elephant overturned the car and broke its windshield and glasses. After the air firing by the villagers, the elephant left the place.

This incident happened on Monday when the four tourists were going towards Ramnagar by their car. Near the Bhutgarhi, an elephant emerges from the nearby forest of Corbett and came out on the road. On seeing a car, the elephant charged at the car and attacked it by breaking its windshield. Seeing an angry wild elephant, the car driver and other riders jumped out of the car and escaped to save themselves from the wrath of the Tusker. When the elephant chased them, the villagers made air fire to scare off the elephant. Due to this incident, there was a huge Jam on the NH 121 which took around an hour to get cleared.

According to the director of the Corbett National Park, Mr. Rahul, wild animals usually come out from the forest in the search of water and cross the NH 121 to visit the Kosi River flowing nearby. These wild animals get agitated due to the noises of vehicles and car horns. However, the security has been tightened near the incident’s place, but it is also advised that tourists should not honk or get very close to the wild animals for their safety. Also, the people will be dealt with strictness if anyone found harassing the wild animals.

Wildlife photographer, Deep Rajwar said that the herd of elephants normally found crossing the NH 121 while visiting the Kosi River from the Corbett forest. Elephants visit the river to quench their thirst. So if you found any elephant or herd of elephants then keep your vehicle far away from them, especially, if a baby elephant is with them and don’t try to blow the car horn to scare them off as it will anger the elephant.

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