Famous National Parks in India A Great Place to watch Tigers

Exploring the natural beauty of India has its own appeal and puts great impact on our sense of aesthetics. Watching tigers in their natural habitats and clicking them are among the favorite yearnings of the most of the wildlife lovers and photographers. Although, this task is not easy as it may appears. Through this article we help you to get the right location and the right state to visit the renowned national parks in India. Fortunately there are many tiger reserves in India where you can spot tigers in their wild habitats. By 1970, India had only five national parks. At present we have 166 authorized national parks.

Jim Corbett National park

Jim Corbett TigersIndia’s first and oldest national park, established in 1936 by legendary British hunter named Jim Corbett. It is located in the most sacred state of India called Uttarakhand. Snuggled in the foothills of Himalayas, Corbett National Park is an ultimate destination for tiger tourism in India. Spread over 500 Square Kilometers the place is dwelling for variety of wild species and animals. You have to take canter or jeep Safari to explore the hidden mystery of the dense jungle. While enjoying safari, there is great chance to spot the tigers and other wild species like jackals, leopards, fishing cats, sloth bears and many more.

Ranthambore National Park :

Ranthambore TigersWelcome to land of roars, trumpet and song as Ranthambore National Park is famous for Spotting Royal Bengal Tigers. It enjoys the status of the largest wildlife reserves in India. Surrounded by Chambal and Banas River, the park is a natural habitat for majestic tigers and several wild animals. Apart from the wonderful wildlife attractions you may pass through the many ancient ruins like Ranthambore Fort. These ancient monuments are sometimes shelter to leopards and tigers. It offers great view to wildlife lovers and photographers.

Sundarbans National Park :

sundarbans national park tigersSundarbans National Park is home to Royal Bengal Tigers and it is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Declared as a world heritage by UNESCO; it is situated on the lower end of Gangetic West Bengal. The park is bounded by the River Hooghly in the west, River Raimangal in the east and Bay of Bengal in the south. The dense forest of Sundarbans is blessed with the large number of Sundari trees and it is believed that the forest derived its name from these beautiful trees. It is a land of 54 tiny islands that is formed by the tributaries of the river Ganges.

Gir National Park :

Gir National Park LionsGir National Forest (Gujarat): Flock of lions comes in front of the eyes whenever we recall world-renowned Gujrat’s Gir Forest. So why not, it is the one and only one place in the world besides South Africa where Asiatic Lions resides. The sanctuary has now expanded to approximately 258.71 square kilometers, where today 411 Singh breathe. Gir forest is a home to more than 300 species of birds, many of which can be seen round the year. Fortunately Gir is blessed with the more kinds of birds than any other park in Gujarat. If we watch birds in their natural habitats it fulfills many of our basic criteria for what makes good outdoor recreation. These wonderful creatures of nature appeal to our sense of aesthetics.

Kaziranga National Park :

Kaziranga National Park RhinosKaziranga National Park is a famous national park located in the Golaghat and Nagaon District of Assam. It is a world heritage site, famous for the great population of one-horned Rhinoceroses. It was declared as a tiger reserve in the year 2006 by the Government of India as the park boasts the highest density of tigers among protected areas in the world. Apart from these two animals Kaziranga is a home to a large breeding population of wild water buffalo, elephants and swamp deer. It is a nature’s paradise on the earth where wildlife roam fearlessly, where man and nature become one where wildlife viewing and nature watch in the park will surely take you to a different world where you can enjoy the nature’s beauty at its best.

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