Shocking Video of an Earthmover Crushing a Tiger in Corbett, Leads to Death

In a shocking video that surfaced recently, a tiger in the forest near Corbett National Park has been seen getting crushed by a JCB earthmover in the presence of forest officials. The whole action was to capture the tiger who was accused of killing two people in the forest a few days ago.

According to the forest officials, the tiger had killed two people, a woman and her father-in-law, on Thursday in the forest adjacent to the Corbett tiger reserve. The wild animal was first tranquilized and then put in the cage after the eight-hour long capturing operation. However, the tiger succumbed to the injuries it got during the rescue operation.

In the video that came in the news on Sunday, the tiger is seen being cornered and pressed down by the earthmover rakes, and then forest officials run towards the animal with a net.

Though the wounded tiger has been taken to the nearby Nainital Zoo for the treatment, but it dies within a few hours the same evening.

As per the forest officials, the tiger also had a fight earlier with other tigers over the territorial dominance and killed two tigers in the area. The forest conservator said that when the mating season of tigers is approaching, even a slightest of human interference angers the tigers.

However, officials of Corbett said that the earth-mover was used only to scare the tiger, but the animal got injured when it attacked the earth-mover and broke the windscreen.

The animal lovers are questioning of using the earth-mover to capture a tiger. Wildlife lovers from all over the world reacting angrily after watching this video that showed a fumbled rescue attempt at the Jim Corbett National Park and an earthmover crushing and hurting a Royal Bengal tiger, India’s national animal and an endangered species, which resulted in the death of the tiger.

As per the news, the National Tiger Conservation Authority is preparing to send a team to find the reason why earth-mover was used to capture a tiger.

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