Spine Tingling Moment for Safari Tourists when an Angry Elephant Chases Down Their Vehicle

Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Nainital

News Update: 28-May-2017

In a footage taken during the tourist safari in Corbett National Park, an angry elephant was seen charging at a tourist Jeep. The video was recorded by a tourist who happened to be on that Jeep which was on the tour inside the reserve park. However, they were fortunate that the driver managed to speed up the vehicle on time and got escaped from the frightening chase by this mighty wild elephant.

This incident took place when a group of tourists was enjoying their Jeep safari in the Dhikala zone of the Corbett National Park. A herd of elephants was crossing the safari track where this vehicle was present at that time. Seeing the herd of wild elephants at a distance, tourists started to capture this wildlife experience in their camera when one elephant among the herd charged at the tourist Jeep and came dangerously close to the Jeep making it a narrow escape for them.

However, the tourist escaped from the spot unhurt as the vehicle speed away from the angry chasing mighty Tusker. This spine-chilling moment came into the light when the captured video surfaced on the internet and went viral due to its thrilling effect. It is said that the video was recorded around 2-3 days ago in the Dhikala tourism zone of the most famous tiger reserve of the country, the Corbett National Park.

This is a common phenomenon for the tourist to share their recorded photos and videos with having such thrilling experience over the internet. Earlier too, such types of videos surfaced on the video sharing sites showing the tourist Jeeps being chased by the wild animals moving dangerously close to the vehicles as these thrilling videos got viral instantly.

The deputy director of Corbett National Park, Amit Verma said, Such incidents happen time to time, and we expect the tourists and the guides to not put themselves in situations of danger and stay away from wild animals if they are spotted on the pathways. The tourists and drivers are strictly told to maintain a safe distance from the wild animals during the safari in the Corbett tourism zones.

However, the drivers of the safari Jeeps and the guides are registered with the park administration and are trained on how to behave and drive safely in the park.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/dehradun/close-shave-for-tourists-tusker-charges-at-vehicle-in-corbett-national-park/story-nNwVpXxw2LchdsNN5WNy6M.html

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