Guess Who Got Caught Shooting in the Corbett National Park? It’s Sunny Leone!!

Corbett National Park, Nainital

News Update: 07-June-2017

The famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone recently spotted in the vicinity of Corbett National Park. She was in the oldest tiger reserve of India for the shooting of the new season of the famous young generation reality show Sunny Leone, who has been hosting this popular reality show for the last three seasons, commenced the shooting of the 10th season of this show at the Corbett National Park which is situated in Uttarakhand.

MTV Splitsvilla is a couple’s reality TV show and it brings a new season every year with the promise of the new taste in the show. The theme of the show is a competition among young boys and girls to find the true love. However, it’s a different story that the most of the contestants who turn into couples on this show part their ways just within a few months after the show. Yet, this youth-based reality show maintained its popularity due to the bizarre drama and wacky twists happens constantly in the show.

Sunny Leone who has mentored the contestants with his co-host Rannvijay Singh for the last three years is back again with the 10th season of the show and the shooting has begun in the Jim Corbett National Park. She also shared a picture of herself with her new found friend in Corbett on the Instagram.

The Corbett National Park, which has been chosen as the shooting location of this show, is a beautiful landscape with an amazing tranquility in the atmosphere and is also far from the madding crowd. Sunny Leone thinks this tranquility will help the contestants find their true love. She also said, “It’s always fun to be a part of Splitsvilla, though shooting at Jim Corbett can be a task at times keeping in mind that one has to disconnect from the outside world. The place just doesn’t have network.”

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