Forest Rest Houses In Corbett

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Forest Rest Houses In Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park known for tiger safari is among the few national parks of India that permits night stay inside the buffer zone of the park. The forest rest houses are built right inside the core area of the Tiger Reserve, assuring the more real experience of the wild. These rest houses are more than a century old which offers a very interesting place to find accommodation in. A fine balance is created among tiger safari zones and forest rest houses of the park for better tourism management without disturbing the natural habitat of the wildlife species. Here is the list of forest rest houses of the Jim Corbett national Park located in different tourism zones.

Bijrani Forest Rest House :

Bijrani: Bijrani is one of the prominent zones of the Corbett Tiger Reserve.Bijrani There is a Government forest rest house inside this zone that permits night stay in the lap of nature. The area in and the Bijrani was once dedicated to shooting block during the British period. The area was much loved by the Shikaris as it offered quality of game hunting. As far as the terrain of Bijrani is concerned it is drier and also has more diverse vegetation as compare to Dhikala.

bijrani forest rest house

Malani Forest Rest House :

This wonderful forest rest house is located 12 Kms due northwest of Bijrani. Strategically located on the edge of core zone of then tiger reserve, Malani has lot to offer from most picturesque surrounding and solitude. The game drive to Malani is quite rewarding experience amidst nature as its easy opportunity to watch different mammals and birdlife in their natural habitats.

Sultan Forest Rest House :

If we head towards Dhikala from Dhangarhi gate, Sultan is the first Forest Rest House we come across. This rest house is named after the seasonal stream running through that area called Sultan sot. It typifies the dense forest area of pure saal that occupy in the park.

Gairal Forest House :

This rest house can be accessed by a short detour of the Dhangarhi-Dhikala main forest road. The prime attraction of this rest house is that it lies on the banks of River Ramganga. Tourists staying here can experience crystal clear, fast flowing mountain river running through the scenic forests. Situated in the lap of the nature Gairal presents ideal condition for nature watch and wildlife viewing.

Sarapduli Forest House :

Another forest rest house inside Dhikala zone is Sarapduli that is located downstream of Gairal on the flat southern bank of the Ramganga. It is preferred by wildlife lover as here one can spot movements of large mammals including tiger and elephants. It is also perfect place to watch crocodiles and birdlife viewing.

Khinnanauli Forest House :

Strategically located amid the Khinnanauli Chuar, this wonderful forest rest house is an excellent tiger territory. It has been developed recently in order to promote easy tourism to the various parts of the park.

Dhikala Forest House :

Dhikala forest rest house needs not much introduction if we talk about wildlife tourism in Corbett. This well-known tourist destination is located at the edge of Patli Dun valley through which River Ramganga flows in numerous channels. Dhikala is an easy gateway to the various part of the park. The place offers panoramic view of the valley with the Kanda ridge in backdrop. The old Forest Rest House at Dhikala is a historic structure, built over a hundred years ago.

Jhirna Zone :

Jhirna: Jhirna is also well known forest house lies just inside the southern boundary of the park. If we move from Ramnagar to Kalagarh road that runs in east-west direction of the park, Jhirna lies on that particular road. If we talk about the landscape it is drier as compare to Dhikala and vegetation is mostly scrub. The area in and around Jhirna was a farming village till 1994 when it was successfully relocated under project tiger. This important zone of the Corbett is a good habitat for tiger, elephant, deer and mother interesting mammals like sloth bear and wild boar. Visitors can enjoy bird watching as many species of residents and migrated bird can be seen.

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