Habitat Management and Protection :

For much of human civilization, nature had been treated as a vital resource, one that could be controlled and used for personal use and economic gain. As we look throughout the 18th and 19th century's social perceptions and scientific conservation principles were first practically applied to the forests of British India. Corbett has also a rich conservation history. Since the establishment of the park lot of efforts had been made to conserve the dense jungle of the Corbett. Sir Edward Jim Corbett who knew the area very well played a key role in the conservation of the demarcated area.

As per the study of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) the greatest enemy of the forest is fire. The probability of catching the fire in the summer increases as the forests ground is covered with dry leaves that readily catches fire and burn at the slightest spark. Sometimes human activity is also plays a major role in spreading forest fires. Once the forest catches the fire it spreads quickly and develops into an uncontrollable inferno, causing death to many wildlife. In 2008 forest fire destroyed the core area that is home to a variety of wild animals. The flames had engulfed the southern part of the jungle which forms the core area and near about 58 acres of the jungle was destroyed. (Source: The Telegraph, May 04-2008). Since then over the entire summer season the park authority staffs are on their toes and as soon as fire is detected, they immediately launch the fire fighting operations to minimize the loss. Every safety measures are kept ready and fire-lines are maintained in the forest to stop such incidents.

Taking safety measures park management burs the leaf litter artificially in winters before the dry season starts. This also promotes the growth of fresh grass that is necessary for deer and other grazing animals.

An exotic weed also causes damage to the natural ecosystem of the park. Weeds such as Parthenium and Lantana have invaded the park and wiped out the native plants of the forest that is much valuable food for herbivore animals. So forest departments also carry our weed eradication method to restore the habitats.